Raw Girl in Japan

Rawing it in Japan

Posted on: February 23, 2007

I have been a raw vegan for a few months now and have decided to share the ups and downs one has in Japan- a fish loving country. Also a country fascinated with what is going on in the west. When walking around the vast metropolis you are hit with the ‘golden arches’ sign, Wendy’s (that little girl really should stop torturing animals), First-Kitchen – a Japanese fast food joint occasionally abbreviated to ‘fkin’!!! Many, many more exist.

I’m hoping this blog will enlighten you, raise a chuckle here and there, and make you think ‘MY god, that recipe rocks’.

It’s my journey, my life and I am welcoming you in.



1 Response to "Rawing it in Japan"

oo awesome, can’t wait to hear about japan. I want to go to Tokyo.

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