Raw Girl in Japan

me and my funghi! Nippon kitchen playground # 1

Posted on: February 27, 2007

I’m a HUGE mushroom fan.

No, no not the psychedelic, wow man! kind – the legal edible kind. Although I have to say all mushrooms are magical and I am one fortunate lass to be living in a country that has such a variety of these little capped beauties. Yet, I am often met with ‘yuk’ when seen eating a raw mushroom.

Today I purchased some enoki mushrooms (http://www.edulis.com/ENG/about_enoki.htm)
Interesting to look at, delicate and look great on top of salads etc, but I wanted to do something a little more with them – so I thought sauce them.

Enoki Sauce
A pack of Enoki mushies
Cashew nuts (raw of course and slightly soaked)
lemon zest
a little water

Whizz the lot together to make a creamy consistency and pour over a plate of veggies (brocolli, carrots, snow peas). The lemon and chives really do add a kick.

If you have any variations let me know – would love feedback.
Didn’t get chance to take a photo, but will next time I play with it.


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