Raw Girl in Japan

No Kitty chan for me please!

Posted on: March 1, 2007

So today I met up with a friend in central Tokyo. I love meeting up with friends and having a good chinwag (what girl doesn’t)? Yet, it always causes a few problems…nowhere for me to go!

In this country it’s so darn difficult to go out and order a juice – I mean a fresh, healthy juice. One place called Doutour offers fresh OJ (juiced infront of you), but this chain has a smoking area and the nasty fumes diffuse right into the non-smoking seats. No thank you! I’m usually left with Starbucks. No cancer sticks allowed in there, but they have little or nothing to offer in the way of food or drink. The juices are in cartons, so I end up getting water. Now I have water in my bag at all times. Filtered water in a flask for two reasons. 1. There are so many plastic bottles (PET bottles) in Japan it’s worrying. 2. I LURVE water. Now, back to me and Starbucks. If I sit there and order nothing, makes my friend feel uncomfortable. I just wish they would sell a small fruit salad that I have seen served in several Starbucks in other countries. If they did, I wouldn’t order water and would happily much on the fruit and drink from my flask. But no, I use yet another PET bottle.

Along with my flask I carry a lunchbox. A funky Japanese style one with a top and bottle (no Hello Kitty cutesy design). Today I had blueberries and pineapple. I like taking stuff to snack on and I kinda have to as I have limited choices as to what I can order in restaurants. The looks and ‘ehhhh’s’ I have received when asking for the dead animal to be witheld, honestly you would think I had 5 heads, 4 arms and 2 bodies or had insulted cutesy Kitty chan in a big way.

So, there you go. Eating out in Tokyo isn’t much fun for a raw vegan.

i stay optimistic. Who knows, maybe I’m the one who could start the raw thing all happening here. I hope!


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