Raw Girl in Japan

Me and my lunchbox

Posted on: March 11, 2007

Yep, so am still running round the manic streets of Tokyo with non raw vegan friend in tow. I left him just two hours the other day and caught him chewing on a chicken burger from murdering McDonalds….was appalled. He felt ill after -no sympathy there.

Spent 30minutes on Saturday afternoon taking in the sun in Kamakura next to Big Buddha, while taking in the tastes of some most juicy grapes. Peaceful. Watching the tourists click away with their high-tec digitals and the tour groups pour through. I just sat there taking it all in.

Have been cooking lots of veggie meals for him (my friend, not Big Buddha) and I sit across from him at the table finishing the fruit that is still in my lunchbox from the day: strawberries, grapes, apple soldiers, tomatoes.

I head off to Yoga Thailand in two weeks and have decided to eat just fruits from now till then. I feel light on fruits and find salads too big at the moment. I adore leafy greens, but my body and mind just aren’t desiring them at present.

My yoga practice is deeper when I adopt a fruitarian diet. My breathing is strong. I find it easier to surrender.

I love yoga.
I love my raw life.


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I really hope you see your life and how beautiful you are and everything that you can create. magic it is

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