Raw Girl in Japan

Fruits and Om

Posted on: March 14, 2007

Brekkie today was a banana, mango (mmmm), freshly squeezed OJ smoothie with flaxseed oil and maca. Scrummy, scrummy, scrummy! Have three lovely grapefruits to juice for lunch and bluberries and grapes for this afternoon. My fridge is full of many delights. Just awaiting the durians to arrive.

My non-raw visitor hates mushrooms (WTF!!) I nearly repacked his suitcase and sent him back home upon telling me this. Such an insult to the mushroom kingdom. Am trying to come up with a mushroom salad with appropriate dressing. When discovered expect another Nippon Kitchen Playground. I’m thinking it will be more of a marinated mushroom salad.

Last night I headed to a yoga class. We all have good days and bad and it’s no different when on the mat. Last night was lovely. I felt like I was flying at times, the sweat poured from me and it felt good. We played with arm balances and I’m noticing such a difference. No sinking in my shoulders, abs lifted. What I did notice was people grimmacing through asanas. So much pain – they look as if they are hating the practice so much. I always try to smile during class, makes that challenging asana seem just that little bit easier.

When I was out in kamakura the other day I found a beautiful store called Middles. Sells fair trade goodies and I came across a lovely heart shaped stone. Take a look at the word and remember it next time you are practicing yoga, exercising, walking down the street, looking at someone…it’s easy.



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