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Guessing Games

Posted on: March 19, 2007

So I said a very tearful sayonara to my non-raw vegan friend on Saturday morning. Not good with goodbyes. My oven, one hot ring and toaster have gone back into hibernation till the next guest.

Saturday I wasn’t feeling at all hungry. I knew it was going to be a long day so with my ever so trusty lunchbox in my bag I headed into town for a yoga class. Bliss. I had several grapes following the lesson whilst I walked round HMV in Shibuya. Headed back to the yoga studio early evening to attend a talk on meditation. Now, I am always trying to meditate and I know it isn’t something that can be taught -all comes through practice. When I try at home there is always too much chitta vritti. So I went to the talk with a an open heart, an open mind and strawberries. Someone turned up with chocolate and other student with muffins!!! Yogis watching their figures eh?!?! So I happily munched on my strawbs while the teacher spoke for about 30 minutes then we went into meditation. And guess what? I managed to meditate – I did it. Ok, admittedly it wasn’t the full 30 minutes that we had, but I managed varying lengths of meditation throughout this half hour. I was buzzing.

Following this talk was a workshop on Yin-Yoga. Still having eaten only grapes and strawberries by this time (7.30pm) I had so much energy and simply wasn’t craving anything. The workshop was intense (don’t be fooled by Yin yoga I sweated more than in my usual yang practice), but I came away feeling longer and hyper.

Sunday dawned and I made hubby and I mashed banana with grated nutmeg for brekkie. Managed to grate a knuckle in the process! I headed to the yoga studio for two classes. Lunchbox contained blueberries and grapes. Evening dinner was raw garlic mushrooms in a bed of romaine lettuce and basil.

So far today I’ve had a banana and for the first time ever a White Sapote imported from California. What a lovely piece of heaven. Didn’t come cheap that’s for sure, but hey! If anyone is missing a custardy texture as a dessert then this is your fruit. I didn’t want it to end, kept taking small amounts then putting it down whilst it melted in my mouth.

Dinner is something I have never tried as well ( the joy of being raw and adventurous). I’ve taken a photo of it. Try and guess what it is.

Om Shanti.

Fruit Head


4 Responses to "Guessing Games"

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White sapote is so good, isn’t it?! 🙂

Is that a pummelo you have there??

You got it! In japan it’s called ‘banpeiyu’. Ever tried it?

Ugh, I didn’t do so good with my pomello, but it was fun to play with. I think you have to like grapefruit to appreciate it, and I don’t.

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