Raw Girl in Japan

A Big Grapefruit

Posted on: March 20, 2007

The beautiful Harmony was right (you sure do know your fruit girl), it was a Pomelo, in Japan called a BanPei Yu. A giant citrus fruit, loaded with Vitamin C and potassium. Native to Malaysia and grown in the Southern parts of Japan. I was expecting a sharp taste as I bit into it, with tissue at the ready when tears came to my eyes (does this happen to anyone else when eating grapefruit). I was pleasantly surprised. A gentle sweet taste – nearly dry. The segments are pretty big and I am currently eating one as I write. Hubby will be mad at sticky Mac keyboard!! Really very filling.

Here’s me being goofy with a segment. The joys of photobooth!


If you get a chance to try some Ban Pei yu, I highly recommend it.

I got up early this morn to do my Ashtanga practice, but my right hop flexor had a burning pain so I stopped 15 minutes into my practice (boohoo). I got back into bed and fell into a DEEP sleep, awaking at 11.20am!!!!!! I obviously needed the rest. Got up, ate several strawberries, headed into town to get some broccoli sprouts and lettuce for my hubby’s lunch. Hobbled really, due to hip flexor.

Walked past the fishy and meaty bento boxes, the dried fish section and sashimi to get to the supermarket at the back of the department store. I have to hold my breath when doing this task and keep my gaze forward. I gave up fish when I was 6 and can not tolerate some of the fish torture displays here.

I didn’t have my camera on me so took this pic on my phone. A strawberry display. Perfectly lined up on the rack and in the packet. Lots of packaging (Japan sure does love it’s packaging…tut tut). Everytime a pack was placed in a basket a little man would appear to replace it, so not to spoil the display. Wish I could have recorded it. Was tempted to put a couple of packs in my basket, walk away, watch the man scurry out then return and take another two. Imagine the scene. Couldn’t do it though, am a nice girl at heart.

Strawberries standing to attention

I’m going to cut myself another Ban Peil Yu segment, lie down on the futon with some ice on my hip flexor. All will be fine. Just listen to the body.


1 Response to "A Big Grapefruit"

How funny. The perfect strawberry display. Yes, you are a very nice girl. Hope you’re having a great day.

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