Raw Girl in Japan

Something I wanted to share

Posted on: March 21, 2007

‘I was sinking fast and the bottom of my ocean wasn’t magical with brightly colored fish and coral – no Nemo to be found. It was dark and murky, I couldn’t breathe. I knew there was just one human to lift me from this: me. Is amazing the inner strength you find, we all have it. Why do we wait till such dire situations to discover and use it? I suppose it’s all a learning process. My journey began. I demoted myself, returned to my old job (nothing wrong at times taking a few steps back), deepened my yoga practice and rose to some clearer water in my ocean. What next? My journey had just begun…..I looked at my diet. Having been a vegetarian for at least twenty years, the next step was veganism. Aha, I see tropical fish ahead of me….but, my path to the unbelievable waters of marine life were still a distance. Searching, swimming faster I eventually got to where I needed to be. RAW! No more deep, dark waters for this mermaid. I can be found gliding through warm, turquoise waters with a fit, healthy body. I’m alert to all that is around. My eyes sparkle and I can’t stop laughing. I found Nemo. Such simple pleasures bring a smile to my face, a mango smoothie, a creamy durian, carrot sticks, tomato and basil salad. I should stress the word S-I-M-P-L-E. This isn’t rocket science; it’s nature, it’s all around.and no animal is suffering. Look for me next time you’re near the ocean, am more than happy to guide you through a raw journey.’

I wrote this last summer, wanted to write a little something about me and my journey. A few things have changed since I wrote this. I quit my job to focus on my yoga studies and raw food course. I teach English privately. I laugh more, smile all day and have to pinch myself daily to check that I am real and not dreaming.
I hope it inspires and brings smiles to those who read it.


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