Raw Girl in Japan

Multiple Rawgasms

Posted on: March 29, 2007

Yoga Thailand provides all residents yogis and yoginis with food. fabulous food. Healthy food, some veggie some vegan, but 99.9% of it is cooked. Some salad is available.

Breakfast is just fine, for example this morning there was an offering of watermelon, grapefruit and bananas. Plenty of yumminess to get my day off to a splendid start.

Yet, what about the other meals?

Following our thai massage (which was mighty lush and left us feeling flat as pancakes) we caught a bus into the next town ‘Nathon’ to go on a fruit hunt.

Now not wanting to be crude, but I nearly had mutiple orgasms when I found a zillion mangos, huge dragon fruit and big juicy grapes….and then I discovered the cost….

So, I got 4 mangos, 2 dragon fruit, grapes, 4 tomatoes and the amount came to 150baht – thats around 500 yen. Pardon my french, but bloody hell!!! I pay 500yen for one mango back in Japan.

I so want to live here.

Overall today I have had, 2 bananas, coconut, salad with lettuce, tommies, cucumber and carrot (extra helping of tommies), and a mango.

Am full.

Had LOTS of Vitamin D thanks to the sunshine.

I am one happy raw beach bunny.

Anyway, back to my weightloss I discussed in a previous entry. Upon leaving Japan I weighed 65kg. Will be interesting to see what I am when I get back after gnawing my way through mangos and coconuts, stretched and sweated through ashtanga classes and started jogging.

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Sounds like your trip is going very well. I’m so happy for you.

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