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Not a Dog’s Life

Posted on: March 30, 2007

Everyone who visits Koh Samui notices the number of stray dogs that roam the streets and beaches. It’s so very sad. Everytime I visit here my heart breaks at some of the sad eyes I see on our four legged friends. Today my hubby and I decided to spend a few hours volunteering at the the main dog rescue centre,.

We arrived to find there wasn’t much to do in the way of cleaning and feeding, it had all been done. But, we gave the dogs what they miss and need most, LOVE. First we played with some puppies, ranging from just a few weeks old to several months. Their tails wagged, they nuzzled up to our arms, armpits, backs of knees…you name it they nuzzled their way in there.

Next the cat home-currently homing 100 cats. Sweet meows, gentle purrs. Cat’s with lame legs, missing eyes, but to receive a human touch made them happy.

The older dogs were all ages. There are around 250 being homed at present. Some looked so tired and sick, as if they were on their last legs.

Was sad. I cried and as I write tears are welling up.

The photo below is of me with one of the pups. He has an eye infection and a nasty cough. He wouldn’t leave me alone and happily nestled on my lap. I wanted to take him home, but all I could do was cover him in kisses. Just a little dog, wanting love


1 Response to "Not a Dog’s Life"

Awwww, that is so wonderful what you did! That pic of you with the puppy is soooo adorable! I can understand how you really wanted to take him home with you. Poor animals! I hope they all find good loving homes. Such a sad situation. 😦 I’m sure you and your DH made their day.

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