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Durians still shut tight…but smell great!

Posted on: March 31, 2007

Today my man and I took it easy, as the retreat starts tomorrow. Sunbathing and swimming this morning, then a thai massage this afternoon. There was a gentle breeze today so I sat out with my laptop and did some work – yoga related so doesn’t feel like work really.

My Food Today
2 bananas

Green salad with triple helping of tomatoes

A fruit platter: papaya, ban Pei Yu (don’t know the Thai name for it), watermelon

Young coconut
a huge mango

Was introduced to a great kitchen implement earlier today, not sure what it’s called but it peels mangos and slices them without the juice going everywhere. There is one in the kitchen here and I will be purchasing a couple to take home with us.

Today is a rest day so we had an hours pranayama class. Really is a cleansing way to start the day. Will go more into pranayama as the week progresses.

Have been advised not to do any jogging as the retreat will be pretty full on, so hubby and I have decided to practice 45 minutes of Yin yoga prior to our ashtanga practice. Again will discuss more in later blogs.

Am relaxed and feeling mighty flat following the Thai massage.

Still awaiting the durians to open.


2 Responses to "Durians still shut tight…but smell great!"

I want to see a photo of you using this mango peeling tool.

As soon as I arrive back in Tokyo I will send a photo.

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