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Does fruit give you crazy dreams???

Posted on: April 7, 2007

Damn bloody thing!!! I wrote a really long blog and then it disappeared. I didn’t press a thing…How annoying is that?

I’m managing to sleep better, although the wild dreams are still present. Can’t make them out at all when I sit down and try to analyze them.

I was getting really grotty when I wasn’t sleeping. My yoga practice was suffering and I just seemed lost throughout the day – not knowing whether I was coming or going. Feeling a little more grounded today.

What Have I Been Eating
Fruit, fruit, fruit and more fruit. I’m going to leave Thailand resembling a mango or durian. Our last durian sadly let us down, quite a sour taste. Can’t complain though – as we have been lucky with the others and this island has spoiled with fruit for the last 10 days.
I am looking forward to having a few more greens next week, as I do feel my body need them and as for the avocados from the previous blog…still not ripe and I REALLY want one.

My yoga practice
I took my rest day yesterday so my practice today was a lot stronger and my hamstrings weren’ crying to me to stop! My arms feel twice the size than what they were 10 days ago due to the number of chaturangas I have been doing.
I have fallen in love with ashtanga again and am looking forward to continuing it back home along side my vinyasa flow.
Below is a photo of me this morning doing Marichyasana D – an asana that in the past has allowed me release a lot of emotions. I still have a few challenges with this pose, but slowly and with deep yogic breaths I am getting there.


Today we headed into Chaweng. It’s a town on the East side of the island and is revolting. Touristy, smelly, loud, dirty. I really hate going there, but we needed to get something. Whilst there I had a scrummy banana shake (banana and ice).


Hubby and our friend Verena got mango juices ALTHOUGH we saw the assistant slip some cartoned mango juice into the juicer!!!!!!


Can someone explain to me what a ninja crepe is please?


Found some spiked limes?????


Here we are. Hubby doing the traditional Japanese cutesy (supposedly) ‘V’ sign.


Wherever you are enjoy the Easter weekend.


1 Response to "Does fruit give you crazy dreams???"

Computer gremlins bite. It sounds like you are having a powerful experience with your yoga practice. Thanks for posting the photos.

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