Raw Girl in Japan

My Last Coconut

Posted on: April 10, 2007

As I write this I am sat outside my home of the last two weeks drinking fresh coconut. We leave paradise in just a few hours.

Am always sad when I leave Koh Samui. All feels so right for me here. The good news is my hubby isn’t not wanting to move here. We have discussed it and although it won’t be anytime soon, he has definately warmed to the idea of late. I could run raw yoga retreats. How great would that be???

So as the retreat finishes I have sweated the Tokyo toxins out of me and breathed in as much fresh air as my lungs can take. I’m relaxed, tanned, toned, as ready to start my dance classes and yoga teacher training. Alot of exciting things ahead of me.

Oh, before I forget. Something that I haven’t discussed in my blog is my elimination. It’s never the nicest things to discuss is it, but i feel it is something i should mention.

The first few days here I was constipated. That is nothing unusual: different climate, travel etc…it continued. Then I passed just a little, then nothing for 36 hours then this morning the unpleasant ‘runs’….

I’m hoping all the fruit and sweating has really cleansed my intestines.

So not to leave on an unpleasant note, I look forward to seeing what is served on the flight home. Let’s hope Air India does me proud again.

See you back in Tokyo…


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So, did you make it home in one piece?

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