Raw Girl in Japan

Poorly Girl Back in Japan and a Frog

Posted on: April 14, 2007

Apologies for the delay in blogging, but getting back to reality after such a fantastic hol has been tough and now it appears I have stomach flu. Have had a somewhat uncomfortable stomach since Thursday, infact it kinda started straight after leaving Koh Samui. Will explain all.

The raw meal on Bangkok Airways was similar to that of the arrival flight, julienne peppers, celery, cucumber, carrot and a tomato and it tasted jolly nice. We landed at bangkok airways, was going through customs and I had to rush and vomit. I felt better after this. Flying back with Air India I managed to sleep for a whopping 4 hours with is amazing for me.
Then Thursday I was feeling iffy, then yesterday my stomach bloated and I was back and forth to the bathroom. So as I write I’m propped up in bed with a hot water bottle on my tummy and a HUGE bottle of water by my side. Kitty cat is under the duvet nestled up next to me.

Therefore foodwise I have nothing to report, which is a shame as I was hoping to start on salad smoothies this week. Ah well, next week.

The good thing is I am therefore doing a water fast, which is something I wanted to introduce weekly anyway as recommended by my yoga teacher in Thailand. I plan to do it from Sunday lunchtime to Monday lunchtime. I will therefore start officially next week minus bug.

Anyway, back to Air India. As some of you may remember I raved about the flight to Bangkok two weeks ago. Well, our return flight was one big disappointment – you would have thought we were with a completely different airline. The service was shocking, rude assistants snapping at passengers, and my fruit platter had not been ordered although we had checked the order at check-in. The air steward said we have some fruit and threw a tin foil box with 3 bananas, 2 apples and a pear in front of me. Honestly, literally thrrew the box down – just random fruit on the plane. No apology, no sincerity. Just plain rudeness and general lack of understanding that I didn’t want the omelet….A letter will be written although I will point out how splendid the initial flight was.

Now a little frog tale. My hubby is working today and just 20 minutes ago he went to put on his work shoes and discovered a frog in his right shoe and a bloody big one it was too. Now, I have never seen a frog where we live and I have no idea where it is from…yet, Yoga Thailand had a few frogs and now we’re worried this frog may somehow have survived the plane journey?!?!?!? Not sure if this is possible and I’m not sure where the little guy has been hiding since Wednesday morning if that be the case. So, hubby took it to the nearest garden and let it free. Good job we didn’t come back with a gekko that are EVERYWHERE is Thailand.

Sorry, this hasn’t been much of a food or yoga blog as hoped, but I will be able to report on my water fast. My fridge is full of lovely goodies that don’t really appeal to me at the moment.

Actually, before I finish I need another ramble. On Thursday I went to the supermarket and I found the over-packerging of everything overwhelming. In Thailand it was loose fruit, which you put in a basket then in your shopping bag, here, as I think I have explained before all is in boxes, plastic or trays covered in clingfilm. All too much. Too much waste. I just stood staring at it all. Come on Japan – get a grip.

This coming week I will write my ayurveda summary, show off my new mango toy (I promise Valerie), discuss my yoga and my weight loss and share my raw food.

take it easy all and check your shoes for frogs!!!!


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Check your shoes for frogs. Words to live by. (Smile). That’s amazing that the flight one direction could be so completely different then the flight the other direction. If you can find the time, you really should write that letter.

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