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What no weight loss??????

Posted on: April 19, 2007

So, here I am in bed (still) – it’s 12.11pm. I am still on water and last night I discovered that the sight of food makes me feel a little queasy. I’ve been having headaches and yesterday I had to go back to bed for a couple of hours. I later took myself to a yoga class, I needed the boost and I’m glad I went. Somehow I’m finding the energy to do activities, although I’m taking it easy by not doing a home practice AND a class.

All the lovely food I bought has ended up in my hubby’s tummy and not mine. He’s been having huge salads all week and feeling great. He looks it too…

If you remember I weighed myself prior to going to Thailand and I wanted to see how much weight I could lose in 2 weeks. Now, for those who followed my journey knows’s I ate mostly delicious fruits and practised yoga twice a day, went swimming, walked along the beach. It was an active holiday. I left Japan weighing 65kg. I weighed myself when we got back and I weighed…….wait for it……


I lost nothing. Now, I did tone up quite alot and now I wish I had taken before and after pics.

I practised a style of yoga called ashtanga.

This is a powerful practise that really does engage the body, the mind and the breath.

Now, I plan on returning to this practice once I’m better and one of my favorite teachers is returning to Japan next month for 5 months and I will work with her to deepen my practice. I will also continue to practice my vinyasa flow with my regular teacher.

Should I be worried about the lack of weight loss? It would have been nice to have seen a little difference when I hoped on the scale. Doesn’t every girl think like that???

As of Sunday I am going to record my weight – weekly. I am also going to take photos bi-weekly. If there is no change on the scale, there is bound to be visual change.

I endeavour to start on the salad smoothies next week. For now I’ll stay on water…I have no choice.

Better emerge from the pit now.
Chat later.


2 Responses to "What no weight loss??????"

That is kind of amazing that you could live on fruit, do all that exercise, then be too sick to eat, and still not lose any weight. Perhaps you’re at a healthy weight & your body is trying to keep you there. I hope you get to feeling better soon.

Thanks for the support! That is frustrating. Sometime you just wanna just get that recognition from the scale you know. I’m sure all the fruit was great for you’re diet. valerie has a good point. I htink that lots of times with raw food, fruititarian diets the diet ends up balancing out your system to a “natural” weight. Feel better!

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