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Posted on: April 25, 2007

Where to start??

Well, I am MUCH better now, the nasty virus has finally left my body but has left my brain a little all over the place (and I am blond after all). You know when you have been ill and it throws your routine? I’m kind of wandering round aimlessly not knowing where to go, when to go – thank god I have lists. I am a girl who likes lists.

So what has been happening? Lots of wonderful things actually.

On Saturday and Sunday I ran my first contemporary dance workshops in Tokyo – such a blast. I had great students, none of whom knew anything about contemporary dance and they all gave 110% and more. I loved teaching and I loved dancing. I couldn’t have asked for the workshops to have gone any better. And my hubby gave me a huge bouquet of flowers to congratulate me.

I do have photos but they need sorting.

I had a chat with my yoga teacher/friend over the weekend as well (the workshops were held at her studio) and I am overly excited to say I will be a yoga teacher as of June. My dream come true. Although I have yet to complete some training courses my teacher has seen my practice develop over the last three years, has seen my dedication and has always known what teaching at her studio would mean to me.  This woman means so much to me. I love her dearly and can not wait to be working with her.

Somebody deleted me as one of their friends off Myspace (he wasn’t just a cyber friend). No big deal, he was being a jerk and had to take responsibility for his actions. Sometimes the  truth hurts, and we need to learn from our mistakes (our greatest teachers), but no he decided to play the victim and rather than discuss it cut me from his life. His loss, not mine.

I sent in my yoga teaching application so am now playing the waiting game. Please keep your fingers crossed for me.

So lets get onto the food thing, after all that is what this blog is meant to be about (with a little waffle here and there). I have no food in the house and honestly it’s all down to the lack of the routine issue.

I’m not that hungry and have been nibbling on dates and tomatoes here and there. Think it’s down to the virus. Due to the madness of the weekend and the workshops I was unable to get ‘before’ pictures of me, so will do so on Sunday. I’m not sure if I want to do measurements, ie. waist, hips, chest…etc…See how I feel on Sunday morning.

The plan will be to continue with the devouring of fruit but to add more greens and smoothies and start being a little more adventurous with food.

Off to the supermarket to look at all the over packed fruits and veggies and weep.

Oooh, forgot to share….I have a durian awaiting to be eaten. It’s just started to open so hopefully that will be breakfast tomorrow morning. It cost 2800yen and is quite a fair size. Kitty cat keeps going up and sniffing it and our living room smells of it, which may cause nausea to some, but for hubby and I – WE LOVE IT.


2 Responses to "Lists, food, dance, yoga, teaching – allow me to ramble on…."

Is that a durian you’re holding? I’ve never heard of them. I love fun looking food!

It sure is – The King of fruits. An absolute marvel.

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