Raw Girl in Japan

Guessing Games (again)

Posted on: April 28, 2007

Second entry today.

Just wanted to post a photo to see if you could guess what I was going to make.


AND….look what’s for breakfast tomorrow.


9 Responses to "Guessing Games (again)"

Okay maybe…guac-stuffed mushrooms for lunch. No idea whats for breakfast. My god those things look like spiny blowfish! Thanks for the love and support!

Ummmmm a green smoothie? (smile)

Raw mini pizzas or a burger?
I’m curious. 😀

OK, we’ve waited long enough. You must tell us what you were really making!

Scrummy, yummy mushie sandwiches…..see A Kickin’ smoothie entry.
The joys of mushrooms – they are magic (but not in a I’m trippin’ way)

Your mushroom sandwich looks yummy! What are the brown bits? Chopped dates? Maybe I will try this sometime when I’m craving something cooked. 🙂 Thanks!

Yip, the brown bits are chopped dates – the add a little sweetness.
Don’t cook – you will spoil them.

HAHA, I’ll be sure not to cook my dates. 😛
I meant as a replacement for a cooked meal, you silly girl! 😉 Your blog keeps getting better and better – love it!

Phew!! You nearly gave me heart failure.
Am so loving writing this blog.
I’ve tried to leave you meassages but am having some difficultyv- big love coming your way.xxxx

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