Raw Girl in Japan

A kickin’ smoothie

Posted on: May 1, 2007

The warm spring weather was short lived here in Tokyo – today the rain and dark skies have returned. There’s a slight breeze, so am enjoying listening to the windchimes hanging on the balcony.

So, what was it I had on Saturday night??
Thanks to Shazzie I can enjoy mushroom sandwiches. I have made a few changes to recipe. Rather than use flat mushrooms I use portobello mushies, they are most filling. I add a little basil to the avocado spread and I top the spread with some sprouts for more nutrition.


I added some yellow tommies on the side for a little more sweetness.

The durian went down rather well and surprisingly didn’t last that long. Hubby and I always have the polite banter as to who is going to have the last bit!! I’m sure I have been more forthcoming in allowing him to have the last bit!!!

Now yesterday I was given a rather delightful veggie gift. A yoga teacher/friend visiting Tokyo gave me a marvellous Japanese herb yesterday – one I had never heard of . ASHITABA

Here are a couple of pics


It has a very sharp taste, and is usually blanched. I thought to make my dear friend Valerie happy, I’ll use some in a green smoothie along with tomatoes, avocado, spinach and water. I used about 2 ashitaba stalks with leaves and it really does add flavor, think I will add a little more next time.

Here’s the smoothie and my little girl

Attended a Thai yoga massage workshop on Sunday – 6 hours of giving and receiving a massage with added yoga. Devine and we allcame away stretched relaxed and wanting more. This was just an introductory course and i am now thinking how I can attned a teacher training course with other zillion courses I have on. Will have to wait till next year.

Went to a fabulous vinyasa class last night with the teacher who came me the herbs. Such an organic class, beautifully paced, challenging with modifications, fun. She’s teaching again tonight so that is where I shall be.

I’m looking forward to returning to my Mysore classes later this month. I’ve been doing some gentle restorative at home before bed. I like to play with movement in the afternoon or when time allows, and work with asanas and movement I find challenging. Mornings sees me do a ashtanga/creative vinyasa class.

Yoga, yoga, yoga….

By the way, I do work part-time but am hoping that over the next 8-12 months I will be able to stop that line of work to concentrate on teaching yoga, dance and advising about raw.

One final thing, last week I said i would take pics to monitor weight loss and muscle tone as I try and lose just a little more weight.
Sunday 29th April – 65kg


Not the most attractive of photos i know, but whatever! Was 7.30am on a Sunday morning…..


3 Responses to "A kickin’ smoothie"

Looking good. Raw foods must work. I think you are really correct about not counting calories. I mean, who wants to live like that! That mushroom sandwich looks delicious btw, I’m going to definitely try it out.

Mmmm that’s a tasty looking mushroom sandwich – I think I’ll give that recipe a try!

My flatmate (vegetarian) lived in Osaka for 5 years and ended up caving in and eating fish, so good to hear that you are finding creative ways to do the raw vegan lifestyle in Japan. I’m totally addicted to wakame at the moment. It’s my new favourite snack!

Glad I found your blog, will definitely keep checking in for updates


You know, as soon as I saw the leafy green photo I’m all thinking, “Hum, is that something I want to put into a green smoothie?” Funny.

Great photo. You’re beautiful! It’s hard for me to imagine you getting into any better shape.

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