Raw Girl in Japan

If only it were valentine’s day…..

Posted on: May 2, 2007

As I was roaming around the supermarket yesterday I came across something that made me chuckle. I just had to take a photo. This would only happen in Japan, and incase you are wondering they are cucumbers!!!!

More packaging….



4 Responses to "If only it were valentine’s day….."

Hilarious. I’m not even going to say the first thought that crossed my mind. (Smile) Thanks for sharing.

lol 😄 “!!” too funny…and cute! “english” cucumbers, me thinks.

[chuckles at above comment] ;P

Valerie is a naughty lass she is. Just love her!

They are Japanese cucumbers and after 7 years I can’t get used to the size – ones in England are a lot thicker.

[smiles] I’ve seen Valerie on the RFT boards…

Ah, I see…they do look similar!

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