Raw Girl in Japan

If only it were valentine’s day…..

Posted on: May 2, 2007

As I was roaming around the supermarket yesterday I came across something that made me chuckle. I just had to take a photo. This would only happen in Japan, and incase you are wondering they are cucumbers!!!!

More packaging….



4 Responses to "If only it were valentine’s day….."

Hilarious. I’m not even going to say the first thought that crossed my mind. (Smile) Thanks for sharing.

lol XD “!!” too funny…and cute! “english” cucumbers, me thinks.

[chuckles at above comment] ;P

Valerie is a naughty lass she is. Just love her!

They are Japanese cucumbers and after 7 years I can’t get used to the size – ones in England are a lot thicker.

[smiles] I’ve seen Valerie on the RFT boards…

Ah, I see…they do look similar!

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