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Life is just so good…

Posted on: May 3, 2007

It’s Golden Week here in Japan. This is a national holiday of four days spread out through a week. This week, Monday was a holiday, Tuesday, Wednesday not, Thursday through to Saturday a holiday.Therefore the week of the title ‘Golden Week’ is a tad misleading – if not a lie.

It’s a great time to venture out as lots of people leave Tokyo to visit their family. No crowds, less noise. Lovely! The weather is glorious, a wonderful spring day. The whole day just rings ‘positivity’.

I’m in an exceptionally bouncy mood today, dunno why -just am. Am happy with the way my life is going. I feel lucky to be surrounded by so much love, faith and support.

This morning I studied, then had a good think of what I want to get accomplished by the end of this year. I’m being mighty ambitious, but I really do think I can get a yoga and raw food company up and running here. Would be my dream. It will take a while, yet I have started work on the project. I have a name for the raw side of the company, am keeping stumm on that for the time being. Great plans for the website, workshop ideas, raw and yoga transformation ideas.

To give you an idea of what I am currently doing and what I have coming up
May to June – 100 hour yoga teacher training
August – 50 hour yoga teacher training
September – 40 hour ashtanga yoga teacher training
November-September – 200 hour yoga teacher training

I am currently studying a yoga diploma, essays, essays, essays. Am loving it and am also doing an online raw food course. Am teaching English privately, next month I start teaching yoga and I practice yoga at least twice a day.

Busy I know, but I really am loving it and I do think if I wasn’t raw I wouldn’t be able to cope. The raw vegan diet, gives the energy, the passion and concentration to do it all.

GO RAW!!!!!

So, anyway more about raw foodie things.
When I was in Thailand I wrote about a new toy that I had bought that would assist in the peeling of a magnificent mango. I’ve been meaning to get photos and show you all. You may just think it’s a knife or peeler, but honestly when it does peel the skin, it’s peels so thinly allowing no loss of juice. It’s easy to use, and not too sharp so there is no fear of cutting oneself.



Not the best of photos. Sorry! The mango was brekkie – what better way to start the day.

The other day I told you all about the new green herb, ashitaba I had been given. I used two stalks with leaves in the smoothie I made. I have now tried using 4 stalks with leaves and it does add a sharper taste. Tomorrow, I’m going to have it on top of a salad and see just how sharp the taste is.

Talking of green smoothies, I want to mention Valerie. If you haven’t been following her green smoothie journey, where have you been? She is an amazing woman who is finding health, losing weight and noting all about her venture in a wonderfully written blog. I am addicted to it. For those who enjoyed Shazzie’s writings and were at a loss when she decided to say Auf Wiedershen to her blog -then this is the blog to fill the void.

She has achieved so much in just three months.
Valerie, I raise a glass of green smoothie to say a big congratulations and to tell you I am adopting you as my on-line Mum.

Cheers Valerie.

Went to two classes yesterday and this morning I practised and I have a class tonight. Am still in a battle with Marichyasana D, but each day my breath deepens and I find the twist a little easier. Slowly my hips are opening and not screaming ‘WTF’ at me. I love my practice, I feel like I’m dancing at times as asanas become more familiar.

Just always smiling.


2 Responses to "Life is just so good…"

Oh my goodness. I can’t believe you are talking about me in your blog. I love the photo of you holding a green smoothie. You just put a big smile on my face. Take care my friend.

I am so touched that you would mention me in your blog. Thank you. I love the photo of you holding up a green smoothie. Talk to you soon my friend.

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