Raw Girl in Japan

How Lucky Am I?

Posted on: May 4, 2007

Just yesterday I spoke of how lucky I felt to be surrounded by so much love, support and faith, and today I was blown away with more of it coming my way.

The wonderful Heidi and Justin over at Raw Food Right Now! have kindly spread the word about my blog – my first review as as a raw foodist blogger.

I would like to say a huge ARIGATO GOZAIMASU (Japanese for thank you very much) to the lovely twosome.

Please do hop on over to their blog and check out their tried and tested foods and do purchase their ‘Raw Thanksgiving Recipes’. I got it last year, even though being a Brit and not celebrating Thanksgiving, I had to try their creations and I am glad I did.

Go tell them your favorite Beatle as well.

Oh, and they talk about FOOD PORN…….(go look)

Love, love coming your way guys.


2 Responses to "How Lucky Am I?"

I’d love to see more meals you make etc. I always like to check out what people are eating. I am still of the mindset that raw food is too expensive and hard for me to do right now, so I need all the inspiration I can get. What foodie books do you like btw, i was wandering around a bookstore – there are so many raw food bibles, all slightly different. I wanted to get my education on, what do you think?!

I promise in the coming weeks to post more photos of my food.
I would read more on the internet before purchasing any books – there is so much info that is often repeated in the books.
I do like anything written by Shazzie and/or david Wolfe.
if you could wait a few days I will write some info in my blog?

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