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Weekend Fodder

Posted on: May 8, 2007

Again the sun shines and I have all windows open to allow the gentle breeze to filter through.

I had a friend visiting over the weekend, hence no weekend blogging (sorry). She came bearing gifts – baby carrots as she knows I just love munching on them doing a bunny impression. I am so happy when I receive fruit and veg as gifts.

My friend although not a raw foodist loves to try all things new. Infact, as part of her Xmas present last year I gave her Shazzie’s recipe book. For Sunday brekkie I made the three of us a mango smoothie with raw almond milk (made by moi) with flaxseed oil and a little macca. We ate fruit during the day,then in the evening I made us Daikonetti with a tomato and red pepper sauce.

Although it was nice, it didn’t quite work. Firstly, spiralizing daikon caused it to be a little mushy leaving too much water. If I did it again I would leave it to drain for a while or simply use a peeler to make strips. The sauce consisted of peppers, red bell pepper, garlic, red onion and basil – sounds yummy eh? Yet, when mixed with the sharp taste of the daikon it was a little overpowering. So maybe I’ll keep that sauce when using zuchinni or carrots, and I’ll play with a pesto sauce for the daikon.

Monday morning hubby made raw porridge with starwberries and lunch was a green smoothie. My friend loved it all.

Today has been a fruit and water day and tomorrow lunchtime I start my first 24 hour water cleanse which will be a weekly thing. Will have a smoothie for breakfast the water till Thursday lunchtime, when I will eat fruit to break the cleanse gently. Think I’ll get some water melon to eat as that will be gentle on the stomach.

Japanese Lesson

As i mentioned in my last entry I was going to start going to start a Japanese lesson for you all.

carrot – ninjin

See you tomorrow.


3 Responses to "Weekend Fodder"

quick question! What do you put in raw porridge/ how do you make it? Thanks!

Carrot – ninjin OK, I’m taking notes. (Smile)

raw porridge – soaked almonds, dates, and any fruit of your choice and blend together.
most yummy

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