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The stomach’s vacation

Posted on: May 10, 2007

Hi there. So, what do I have to share with you all today? My 24 hour water fast that’s what. The reason I have chosen to incorporate them into my life is to allow my digestive system to have a wee break. Even though my meals are simple and I don’t over-indulge I believe our stomachs require a rest. We rest our feet if we’re tired, our bodies if we’re sick, but really what do we do for our internal systems? Ok, we sleep and our digestive system starts to cleanse, then we awake and fill it up again – it’s like our system is in a no win situation. Now, I don’t eat breakfast everyday, I just don’t feel the need and I don’t think we should force something down our throats because we have for numerous years been told ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’. I think you should eat when you are ready to eat and then chose something that isn’t going to cause your stomach to go into overdrive.

So, how did I do? The fasting itself came easy to me, I love water and I don’t eat big meals throughout the day and on some days find myself just munching on pieces of fruit here and there. I had no embarrassing stomach rumblings and generally felt ok. The problem was my insomnia. I suffer from it for about 5-7 days a month. I had slept just 2 hours on Tuesday night and did actually consider leaving the fast till today or tomorrow, but I felt I needed to do it.

I had a banana in the morning. I knew I wouldn’t have been able to stomach any smoothie-it’s how I always feel when I haven’t slept. I drank a glass of water, filled my water flask with filtered water then headed out to teach some privates. The morning was just fine, energy was ok, my students were great. I sipped on the water throughout the morning. Came home early afternoon, drank a couple of glasses of water, filled up the water flask then headed to the yoga studio. I always cycle to the station to then catch a train into central Tokyo. I sat on the train and I literally felt my energy leave my body. I closed my eyes and listened to my Ipod. I got to the yoga studio and my energy lifted. The studio I go to has always been my sanctuary and has lifted me in my darkest moments – and yesterday it did the same for the energy. I did one class and by the end I was wiped out. I came home and continued to take small sips of water throughout the evening feeling lifeless. Went to bed around 10.30 and slept. Boy, did I sleep – 9 hours, very unlike me.

I’ve just had some coconut water. Was wanting to break the fast with watermelon, but forgot to buy some yesterday. D’oh!

I feel fine. I really don’t think my lifeless state was anything to do with the cleanse, it was the lack of sleep from the night before. So lesson learned, don’t water fast when surviving on no sleep.

I’ll do it again next week and will try and go to a sauna as well, just to help detoxify and relax.

I have a passion fruit in the kitchen so will have that later then will probably have a green smoothie. We’ll see.

Japanese Lesson
Seeing that today’s focus was water, I though that should be the word of the day.

water – mizu

Have a good day.

5 Responses to "The stomach’s vacation"

water – mizu Got it.
You know, I’m very interested in what you’re doing with the water fast. Sounds like you are planning to do one day a week? I hate to sound like a big copy cat but I think I might like to try that. I think I’m going to read up a little bit on water fasting today. Thanks for sharing your experience.

i’m sure you “mizu” fast was loved by your body.
it’s so good to do.
just curious, when you ride your bike to the station where do you leave it or do you take it on the train?

I feel the same way. I kinda wanna copy the fast idea. I really like fasting, I always feel really good on them, but I am worried about ruining my metabolism! It’s my biggest concern. Do you have any opinions on this?

I will also cover this in an entry later this week.
thanks for the questions sweetie

I leave my bike at the bike park next to the station – bikes are not permitted on trains.
Japan is a country of bikes- thing is people cycle on the pavement here…aarrgh!!!

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