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A new week dawns….

Posted on: May 14, 2007

……and the ‘to do’ sticky list on my computer is getting longer. Why are there only 24 hours in a day?

So much going on I simply do not know where to start. How about the teacher training?

After six months of waiting my first yoga teacher training course started on Saturday. A lovely group of 18 students and 5 teachers came together in an opening circle to chant ‘Aum’ and share their yogic path experiences. When it came to me to share I nearly cried as I realized how and when this path started for me and where I am now – really very emotional. Wasn’t all doom and gloom, I managed some typical British irony as well!

The first session discussed the history of yoga and Sunday looked at anatomy – a fave of mine. I have always been fascinated with the body and what is can do. I was born standing on my head and continued dancing, gamboling and doing the splits as I grew that my parents finally set me to dance school and gymnastics (haha). When I studied dance professionally I hung onto every word my anatomy teacher said and even now love reading about muscles, joints and bones.

One thing that did arise, but there was little discussion of was nutrition. A couple of vegetarian/vegans said how difficult they found it eating in Japan and people constantly questioned their diet. My yoga teacher said ‘Em’s a raw vegan, that’s tough’. A short discussion started and it simply boils down to the old boring incorrect information;calcium can only be found in dairy and protein in meat…blah, blah, blah! Dairy is still relatively new in Japan. When I arrived seven years ago you could only really find cheese slices in the supermarket. Japan isn’t a a land of cows – beef being imported, so again this is new. Therefore to sell these products false information is being dished out left, right and center. The outcome of all the discussion iwas if people have questions about food while on the course I am only too happy to assist. Would be a great opportunity for me. One girl even asked me to put together some recipes to distribute amongst the group. How great is that?

I now have 2 sets of homework and all the notes to type up from both sessions added to my list of things to do. I love it really.

Someone also asked if they could interview me about my dance and yoga classes for a magazine in Tokyo. Am very excited about this. There’s not much contemporary dance in Japan still, so I’m hoping this will spread the word and also publicise my classes.

Let’s get talking about food. Really it’s been the same ole’, same ole’. Smoothies and fruit. I have some yellow watermelon in the fridge and another durian. Times when I’m busy I forget to eat, which is naughty I know. My lunchbox continues to go with me wherever I go packed with grapes and strawberries. I popped into the suppermarket yesterday and lychees are coming back in season. Full of vitamin C, it is said that if you eat three lychees a day you will have met a third of the recommended dose for an adult?!? I can easily demolish several lychees in one sitting as there isn’t much too them.

I will be water fasting again Wednesday through to Thursday, before that I have a durian to devour (will be thinking of you Harmony).

Blogging will be every two to three days over the next few weeks due to workload. I promise to answer your questions so please keep the comments and emails coming.




4 Responses to "A new week dawns…."

Hi Em,
The class sounds so wonderful and what a bonus that you get share the good news about raw foods with even more people. What a great example you are setting. And how exciting about the magazine article! Now remember to eat your ichigo for lunch. (Smile)

let us know when you get the interview. how exciting.

Everything sounds so exciting. I was considering do a pilates teachers program two years back, and this is reminding me of that. if i could add another thing to that to do list, could you tell more about your dancing? I’m an ex-dancer myself, and I’m so interested. Aww this is the “lost-dreams” comment I suppose.. Good luck with the to-dos.

LOVE the blog…I used to have this layout for a while. Swing by when you have time!

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