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Another year older and getting all in order

Posted on: May 21, 2007

It’s been a week since my last entry, I’m so very sorry guys – really I am, but I simply have not had time to blog. Life is just unbelievable busy, I’m loving it but I do have to admit that today I am totally wiped out. Awoke with a headache – one that resembled the old hangover headaches that used to frequently greet me good morning! I can assure you no alcohol has been consumed and hasn’t been for 28 months now…..and it was my 33rd birthday yesterday. I celebrated in style by drinking water. I really know how to push the boat out don’t I?? So back to the headache, it’s just the workload.

I have been thinking about what I really want this blog to say, what do I want to get across to the people who take time in their day to read it? I don’t want it just to become a ramble with the same ole’ same ole’ thing day in day out. I want it to flow, to educate, to make people laugh, to motivate but most of all something that people can relate to.

I know that some of you guys want more  pics and details of what I eat, therefore I will do this under the heading…wait for it…. Today’s Raw Munchings.

Any new recipes will be found under The Nippon Raw Playground.

As most of you know, yoga is a huge part of my life and I can’t imagine life without it.  I practice daily I would love to share more about this. Look for Raw Yogini. I will also add links here to show various asanas that I am working in and interviews with those who I admire.

Check Forever Discovering, for my thoughts, ideas, ayurveda and my raw life on a whole. See really what goes on in this wee brain of mine! Maybe it’s not much, but it may bring a smile to your face once in a while.

Leftover Ramblings, doesn’t really need an explanation really, does it?

The Japanese word of the day will continue, usually at the end of each blog. If you want a go at this then look under Nihongo Lesson

So there you have it. Most organized I think. Amazing what turning 33 will do to you!!! As I wrote last week I can’t promise a daily update (I know I managed just one these last 7 days), but there will be one every 2-3 days. I’m at a great point in my life, but there is still a lot of work to be done and I so want to share this journey with you all. Obviously not every entry will cover all the above, especially The Nippon Raw Playground as I don’t have time to play in the kitchen that often, but when I do expect some delights.
love to all


Nihongo Lesson
Two words that have appeared in today’s blog, not food related but neverthe less most important in the Land of sushi!

Nippon – Japan

Nihongo – Japanese


4 Responses to "Another year older and getting all in order"

Happy belated Birthday to you!! 😀 @->—
Great blog organization ideas…I’ll be reading. 😉

Happy Birthday, late! Again, I love your blog! Swing by my place when you have a chance…I’ll be back! 😉

happy birtday busy girl! enjoy.

I like the headings you decided on. I plan to read them all. Keep writing.

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