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We Love Our Greens!

Posted on: May 22, 2007

Hello all. First of all thank you so much for my birthday greetings, means alot. Love, love coming your way.xxx

Today’s Raw Munchings
Well my hubby treated me this morning to a smoothie in bed (well futon). Orange juice, strawberries, maca and flaxseed oil. A simple combination yet really wakens your cells and muscles giving you that morning kick.

As I write this I’m drinking a green smoothie – is obviously smoothie day for me. maybe in my old age I’m getting too lazy to chew..hahaha!!! Again nothing to out of the ordinary for this smoothie, but hits that afternoon spot to get me through the rest of the day; lettuce, spinach, ashitaba, tomatoes and avocado.

The Ingredients

Viola!!!! And look what’s sitting behind it!


The tomatoes really add sweetness to a green smoothie and the ashitaba gives it a kick similar to coriander.

Raw Yogini
I haven’t done a practice today, but I have a vinyasa and restorative class this evening. Restorative is such a devine way to end the day, letting your muscles relax, your body surrendering. If you get the chance to attend such a class near you I highly recommend it. It’s also a good way to get your body used to moving if you are recovery from an injury or operation.

I am happy to report that I have been accepted on the Yoga Thailand teacher training course later this year. I will be heading back to my sanctuary in November for 5 weeks to work towards my 200 hour Yoga Alliance certification. I received the news last Wednesday, a lovely, early birthday present. There is alot of preperation required for this course, but my current studies will obviously support this.

Here are a couple of pics of me, yogaing and having fun.


Leftover Ramblings
Just to finish off today, I went shopping this morning. Now, one of my birthday pressies was a wonderful shopping bag with an elephant and the word ‘Happy’ on it. Lovely and colorful. My yoga teacher got it me as she said I am always happy and I make her happy. She wrote a most touching message in her card that brought tears to my eyes.
Back to the bag, it got used this morning with all the produce I purchased and here’s a photo. You can see the bag in the back


Oh, and here’s a pic of my kitty cat eating her greens. Good kitty….


Nihongo Lesson

spinach – hourensou

Om shanti


10 Responses to "We Love Our Greens!"

Sounds like good and healthy food! I am trying to start eatting healthier. 🙂

Hi there! Thanks for visiting my site and encouraging me in my yoga practice.

What great photos of you doing your asanas! I really admire people like you who go beyond your practice and take teacher training courses in order to help others like me.

As to being vegan, nope…not there yet. But I have changed enough of my diet to get on the road to healthy eating…

I see you love avocados. Well, there are LOTS of that in the markets here at the moment. And wonderfully, you love durian too! I grew up in a part of the Philippines where durian comes from so I eat the fruit with bare hands. Just had some durian ice cream today for lunch, in fact, to cool off because it is SO HOT DOWN HERE!

Do come visit again. I already linked you to my yoga blog sites so I don’t forget to come back. Namaste!

Hi there! Another great post! LUV the pictures! I responded to your comments on my blog! Thanks for the suggestions, too!!! Have a wonderful day! I’m going to link you today!

You’re so beautiful in your yoga pics – I esp love the first one with the great smile! 😀
Mmm, a durian – my new love.

how nice to have smoothie in bed by husband.mmmmm.
congrats on the acceptance to the yoga training in thailand, nice.
love the kitty eating greens.
the happy elephant bag is great, colorful.
love all the pics.
om shanti.

thanks for the pics they are always fun. I’ve been feelin’ the “too busy for bloggin” guilt too, but I suppose the non-bloggin world’s gotta come first! like the bag too!

Hello. Just stumbled upon your blog today, like finding an oasis in the desert. I’ve been vegan for about 9 years, now trying to become more raw and healthier in general. Been living in Tokyo about 7 months. I look forward to reading your blog entries and seeing what your doing with the same over-packaged food that I look at everyday at the supa. Smoothie looks great. Kompai!

I am SOOOOO happy to find your page. I am a raw vegan living jazz singer and working in Tokyo. Someone from ‘Living and Raw Foods’ referred me to your page. I know NO raw foodists here and have a few friends. My kitties are in Paris- so I loved the pic of yours. 🙂

I will be reading up on your blog tonight. I’d love to chat with you some more. You can reach me @ inaia@inaia.com or inaiainc@mac.com. My website is: http://www.inaia.com . Feel free to contact me anytime 🙂 I love what I’ve seen of your blog so far!

Happy belated birthday and congratulations on being accepted for the Yoga Thailand teacher training. So many wonderful photos. It’s been a while since I put a tomato in a green smoothie but I’ve got some growing (upside down) in front of the garage so I’ll be trying this again. Keep blogging!

That salad looks like my typical salad!

I’ve been having trouble drinking raw vegetable smoothies because of their taste. Thanks for the tip on tomatoes! Do you have any other tips on ingredients to use for a person transitioning to raw smoothies?


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