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Em’s world….Life in a fruitbowl!!

Posted on: June 6, 2007

Hi there all. Thank you all for your lovely comments and your motivating words for me to keep blogging. I have no intention of giving it up, it’s just at present my life is very much ‘on the go’ I simply don’t have time to sit down and ramble on to you guys. This evening I have given myself a two hour break, so here I am to bring you all up to date with ‘Em’s world’. Sit back, grab a juice or smoothie, put your feet up and read!

Raw Munchings
It’s fruit, fruit and more fruit. Continue to eat out of my lunch box, grapes, cherries, strawberries. I have on occasion packed mangoes (smile) along with my funky mango peeler tool. Bananas, oh and avocados and good old fashioned tommies! To be honest I can’t wait to have a free day where I can spend time in the kitchen and play with the food processor and other toys, then sit down and eat a meal. As you guys know, I adore fruit but I just want a moment where I can enjoy a variety of flavors in one sitting and really savor every bite. Life isn’t allowing for that at the moment. I think I will start taking a couple of lettuce leaves with me too and make some fruit wraps.
We have another durian, just opening next to our living room window. The guy at the veggie store always waves and smiles as we walk past – he probably has a nickname for us ‘the durian duo’ or something like that. But, because we are buying durians from hime more or less on a weekly basis he has had to up his durian stock to 2, to give other people a chance to buy one. Yeah for thr extra durian!

Raw Yogini

I’ve always valued any class I can get to and any time I can get to do my own practice and now I’m trying to pass on these valued moments to others. I officially started teaching last week. My regular classes are Yin and Restorative and a Dance Vinyasa which fuses contemporary dance and yoga – something unique. The classes have been going well and I have received positive and encouraging feedback. I have also been subbing for teachers who are on vacation, so I have really thrown myself into teaching my passion. Each lesson I learn a little more, what should I be saying? How can I get the students to really feel the full potential of the asana? I have just applied to teach at another studio – awaiting a response.
I am back at my Mysore practice and will tell you more about this next week.

Leftover Ramblings

My friend who is writing about my Dance Vinyasa classes for the magazine she works at also wants to interview me about more my raw lifestyle and advertise some workshops. How wonderful is that? I have had to tell her that this won’t be possible for at least another 2-3 months due to my teacher training, teaching yoga and english. But wow, was I chuffed to pieces when she asked me. Dear hubby is hoping that I will soon be earning enough so he can become a kept man!!! In your dreams honey!!!
Teacher training is going well, we’re over half way through now. Sure is flying by. Last Saturday we learned about the chakras and I bought a beautiful chakra banner which is now hanging in our living room. I’m wanting to read more about them and incorporate them into my yoga classes. They can offer such beautiful internal visions.

I need to sign off for now.I plan to be back again VERY SOON.

keep reading guys and leaving messages. You are all such beautiful people.

Love to you all.

Nihongo Lesson

grapes – budou


4 Responses to "Em’s world….Life in a fruitbowl!!"

Congrats on the upcoming interview!!!

Thank you so much.

Hey Em,

I am really enjoying reading about everything going on with you. I wish I could take your Dance Vinyasa class!

Oh, and thanks for stopping by and wishing me a happy birthday on my blog.


Loved your post. You life is unfolding is such a special way. Thanks for sharing.

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