Raw Girl in Japan

Time to breath

Posted on: June 15, 2007

Why ‘o’ why only 24 hours in a day? Have a few moments so thought I would bring everyone up to scratch in EmLand (to be a new theme park in Florida opening next summer)!!!

Raw Munchings
ALOT of avocados. When out on the run, they are just so filling. I started taking lettuce leaves out with me, just to make quick wraps here and there. Devouring yellow cherry tommies too. Sweet, sweet, sweet!!!
Was going to make a smoothie this morn with some coconut water, but when I came to open the coconut it was far from healthy. Brown and yukky!! Actually, I kind of slaughtered the coconut, haven’t got the hang of opening one yet.

Raw Yogini
I’m tired and it is affecting my personal practice. I’m keeping to basic asanas at the moment, but staying fulling focussed on the breath which is most important.
Am loving teaching, but what with the TTC, planning my lessons, teaching and my English teaching too I am wiped out. This is the first morning in 10 where I have been home. Decided in August I’m going to take a week off from English teaching, so I can have time to myself and head to the beach and work on my diploma (which has taken a back seat).
Yesterday I was offered more yoga teaching. This will just be once in a while. Really flexible schedule, great person setting them up.
Teaching Dance Vinyasa tonight, am receiving some great feedback about the class and have had a number of people upset as the class time is too earlyand they can’t make it. Am also doing another dance workshop at the end of August.
Lots of requests for raw workshops as well.

48 hours in a day please.

Left Over Ramblings
A few months back I wrote wanted to run the Tokyo marathon next year.
Looking at what will be happening in the coming months I don’t think I will be training to partake. I really want to do it, but I have to be sensible and take care of myself – my yoga comes first and ensuring my students get the classes they deserve they need a teacher who is being compassionate to themself.
I also wrote about an ayurveda consultation I had while in Thailand. I really want to share what was discussed and will do once the TTC is completed – just 2 weeks left.

Nihongo Lesson

Lettuce – le -ta-su (Japanese sound re-ta-su)

Have a wonderful weekend


3 Responses to "Time to breath"

My days have been shorter lately too! šŸ™‚

Sounds like you are busy but you are making good decisions in keeping with your priorities. What more could you ask for? I know, I know, more hours in the day. (Smile)

Hi! I am a Japanese rawish vegan yogini marathon-runner based in Tokyo, too! My friend just e-mailed me the link of your blog yesterday, and I enjoy so much reading it. Actually, it’s so inspiring that I want to commit more to the rawfood lifestyle. Thank you!

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