Raw Girl in Japan

What would you like to see?

Posted on: July 5, 2007

As I mentioned yesterday I’m building a raw website. I have had such lovely comments from my readers and I would appreciate just a few words as to what you would like to see on it.I’m hoping it will develop into something really lovely to help spread the words ‘RAW FOOD’ and it will go nicely hand in hand with my yoga.  For now I leave you with my melon smilexxxphoto-22.jpg  

5 Responses to "What would you like to see?"

I would like to comment on this 🙂 but first for your idea of this website, is it to be a personal website? or would it be one that is for information, or a touch of both?

It would be both – wanting to transfer my blog on to it.

I have only read a little of your blog but what I have read is lovely, so very nice for a website. What I really like seeing when I research raw-food is the nutritional value of such foods, it allows me to make up a diet for myself using this, so this would be good to have I think. I also love reading testimonials on how raw food has helped others,and maybe too, steps one could take to introduce raw food into their lives? like beginner steps,say drinking smoothies once or twice a day, then when comfortable with this, the next step or such? I also love coming across recipes, and I also love when I come across questions and answers that express individual opinions :).

Hi Em,

Your current site is lovely, but it would be nice if you were to expand your blog into a raw food website, if there could be recipes, and staying raw strategies for working people and such. I enjoy your comments and pics now so I am sure that what you do will be great. Ciao 🙂
Dea in Italy take care 🙂

Hi Em,
Love the photo of you with a melon slice in your mouth. When I was first doing raw I spent a lot of time in raw food forums. I found testimonials and before/after photos to be especially inspiring. May your new website encourage many people to incorporate more nutritious raw foods into their diet.

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