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Posted on: July 6, 2007

Raw Munching

Bok Choy, banana, goji berry and some kinda sprout (trying to find English translation) smoothie




Required a little more sweetness as it tasted very ‘earthy’ – maybe mango next time. The goji berry gave it that chewy texture, so made it more than filling.


3 Responses to "Raw Nippon Playground"

Dear Avocadogirl!!
Well;-), I had to change my theme (was having the same one) , because we are like sisters, my friend! I feel it so much and don’t laugh (DO LAUGH!!), -that is TRUE!
Raw food, yoga, adventures, living as a immigrant,working on a website, even the presentation of the site(which I’ve changes already).
I am wishing You luck-next week I’m going to spend 5 days with David Wolfe and Kerrie Dancing Butterfly-what an experience and life empowering sensation!
many blessings, Rawvolta

Hi Em,
I can’t believe my mistake.. I had you bookmarked to a post at the end of May.. missed a month, but am so glad you are around!
(I guess that’s what happens with such little computer time, but that’s life these days)

I’ve just linked you up to the side bar.
So glad I’ve found my error!!
& so glad you are doing so well. Best wishes on your new site.. thats exciting!
ps. just posted rawvolta’s site on todays blog also

hello raw girl in japan,
i happened upon your blog the other day. i have a question about the raw lifestyle. what do you eat in the winter? i was trying to imagine what i would eat. for me fresh, raw food in the summer is not a problem. i rejoice when summer comes around because it`s the only time i can eat food that way. BUT come late fall and winter and all through spring (until late may) i can`t eat raw food. it doesn`t work for my dosha (vata). i get too `cold` and my digestive system gets funky and i end up sick.
perhaps your body type is such that you can eat raw year round. how do you do it? what do you eat during the colder months?
by the way, i too live in japan and will soon begin a yoga TTC (in november)

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