Raw Girl in Japan

The end of another month

Posted on: October 31, 2007

I’m learning so much about myself of late. Have been reading the Baghavad Gita and The Sutras – been emotionally involved in these books. Tears run as I deepen into the words on the pages. I look at how far I have come on my journey so far. A couple of years ago I wouldn’t have been so affected by these texts.

I smile.
Always smiling.

I’m happy.

Am feeling strong. I feel that I’m on a path and little can get in my way. Yet, if faced with an obstacle, a challenge I believe I would be able to deal with it.

Have so many plans for 2008. Really want to build on my yoga and raw diet and educate as many people as possible here. The raw network is building and I think I can help build it a little more.

Will post more tomorrow after I’ve been back to Veggie paradise, just wanted to share some photos from today.

Have a great Halloween wherever you are.


Temple near to where I live


Persimmon trees are everywhere


as are clementines


Todays lunch – lettuce, rocket, mizuna, banana smoothie


2 Responses to "The end of another month"

I also look forward to the hope that 2008 will bring (not discounting the present of course). Great photos. The temple looks serene, clementines delicious, and that smoothie… heavenly! Yoga has a way of uniting mind, body, and soul.

Thank you for your message veganmuse – The temple really is beautiful. IT’s tucked away down a back street so is most peaceful.

Yoga is everything.

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