Raw Girl in Japan

Cleaning and Thinking

Posted on: November 19, 2007

sun through the coconut trees 

A week into my course at Yoga Thailand. What can I say? It is intense, classes all day – starting at 6.30am and usually retiring to my room at 9.00pm. So much to absorb, homework every night. Trying to make sense of the scribbles I have made throughout the day. New chants floating around my head, sanskrit numbers, yoga sutras. Hard work, but I am in my element. The teaching is fantastic. My fellow trainees are wonderful, so much support and energy. Feel most lucky to be here.

Can you See Big Buddha?  

Raw Munchings

Well this little yogi is in heaven. Am surrounded by delicious fruit. Although I am upset that durian is out of season. I did some research prior to my travels on the internet and was informed by a couple of sites that durian is here all year round, but that is simply not the case. There are still mangos, dragonfruit, guava, numerous kinds of pears and of course coconuts.

Recycling Coconuts  

Most mornings I have bananas or mango after my practice and water. Lunch is usually fruit based. Am wanting to keep my meals as simple as possible. I’m here to go inward, deepen, evolve, meditate, discover more about myself and I simply do not think one is able to do so if overloading the system with food. Some may disagree, but it’s the way I feel. Evenings there is a little organic salad, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber. Again, nothing that is going to over-stimulate my digestive system. Am trying to finish eating by 7pm, so my internal organs aren’t focussing on food during my sleep as I need a quality few hours on my pillow.


Avocados aren’t in season, but I have found a few imported ones – I need oils occasionally. I brought some flaxseed oil with me and am having a teaspoon of that everyday.

Yummy - good food   

The great thing about Thailand is that wherever you go you can find fresh smoothies and juices. Makes me question, why am I living in Tokyo? Actually a number of questions are coming up. As I mentioned before I’m on a journey of self inquiry –  the tears are yet to come and I am sure they will in the coming four weeks. But, Koh Samui is where my heart is. Has been for a long time, hence my numerous returns. What should I do about this? Should I honor it and consider settling here, I mean seriously consider. Or should this island be the place where I come and retreat every so often? 

2 Responses to "Cleaning and Thinking"

looks lovely. oh the wonderful fruits…delicious.
what is the weather like?

I believe it’s safe to assume that the intensity of your training has led (is leading) to further enlightenment (personal reflection). Since I have yet to visit Koh Samui, I wait in anticipation for updated photos… It appears heavenly!

Isn’t it a great feeling to instinctively know that you truly belong in one location?! For some, it may be two or three places. You have already honored the experience in your mind. All that is left is for you, and your family, to decide if Koh Samui can truly ever be home. As it stands, Koh Samui currently acts as a safe haven, of sorts, for you. You’re fortunate to have such infinite mental luxury.

By respecting the experience and exercising patience, the decision to relocate will lay itself before you in due time.

Be Well.

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