Raw Girl in Japan

Back for Good

Posted on: January 10, 2008

Yes I know, long time no write. Have been shocking with this blog for which I can only apologize and believe me when I say I am ‘back for good’.
Happy Belated New Year to you all. Hope 2008 has proved to be a joyful year so far. Full of wonderful fruit and veggies, keeping the nasty colds at bay.
I was sad to see the end of 2007 as it had been such a magnificent year for me. My yoga dream came true, oh and yes I did graduate from the yoga course in Thailand.
Thailand is where my heart is, and to be honest I am struggling being back in Japan. Feel detached from the place. Finding the hustle and bustle overwhelming. Too many Louis Vuitton bags and so much money spent on looking good. 
Upon leaving Thailand I vowed to simplify my life, maintaining the raw diet, practicing and teaching yoga. Letting go of all that bothered me, realizing I was being too harsh on myself. I learned a lot about myself while away. I cried and released demons that had been hiding deep inside me for years. 
So back to the Japan problem, or my problem living in Japan. Don’t get me wrong I love Japan (not so much Tokyo), but it’s not for me. And it’s hard to yogic here, although I try so hard to be. So where do  see myself going and what will I be doing? I have plans /ideas but I don’t want to say too much at present, but I am trying to think of ways of splitting time here and Thailand. 
As for this blog and my raw food ideas. 2007 was my yoga year, 2008 will be raw food here in Japan. Endeavor to do more research, play with ideas and write more about the growing raw community here in Tokyo and get to meet some of the lovely people who contact me. Currently working on some web ideas for both my yoga and raw food site.  Will keep you posted on that.
Raw Munchings  
Home made hemp seed milk and banana shake
sunflower seeds
raw zuchinni and avocado soup
Will return tomorrow with more about my daily munchings and yoga.

2 Responses to "Back for Good"

Hi Raw Girl,
Welcome back, have been looking forward to more of your adventures.
We had a yummy raw pot luck at Veggie Paradise the other night. Would be great if you could make it sometime. Check out meetup.com and the raw food group in Tokyo.

Happy 2008! Looking forward to your raw ideas (yummy recipes please!!)
Warm wishes,
Deanne (AKA sushizume.blogspot.com)

OMG that looks so good. I do not post on here anymore but now on Suvine.com

I love fruit so much

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