Raw Girl in Japan

So many things..

Posted on: June 21, 2008

…to say. So much has happened. So much continues to happen.
I’ve had a rough run of things, was ill, had to have tests…blah, blah, blah. Will fill you in over time.

All I can say is that LIFE IS WONDERFUL. I am blessed to be surrounded by people who care and share their love

I now intend to be blogging as often as possible, sharing all that occurs my raw world here in Tokyo.

Did a great fruit shop today – found durian for ¥1800 – how amazing is that? Our local grocers was selling them for ¥3500. Am in durian bliss. Also purchased apples, yellow zucchini, cherries, mangoes, peaches (delight of the season).

Just made some hemp milk. Will be blended with mango in the morning on the way to the yoga studio.

Had a yummy shake tonight: banana, ice and cinnamon. A delicious, cooling drink as the summer humidity sets in – you should try in.

Off to the Earth Day Market tomorrow in Yoyogi Park. Hopefully my shopping bag will be filled with lots of fresh, green, local produce.


2 Responses to "So many things.."

Wow, ¥1800 – that’s a bargain!

I absolutely love the rich creaminess of fresh durian, however have never really had a great deal of success picking them up over here.

I think I shall have to try making hemp milk too (once I find a good source for the seeds), although I’ve just bought a kilo or so of washed sesame seeds, so will be enjoying goma milk next week! 😉

I know….durian is currently sat next to our loving room window – should be open in the next couple of days.

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