Raw Girl in Japan

Tis the season…..

Posted on: July 4, 2008

….to eat watermelon..tra lalalala lalalala – or put it in the vitamix with ice and whizz it up. Perfect as the heat and humidity in the Metropolis rises. When it gets like this I simply do not want to eat, preferring a nice juice or smoothie.

Having said that a dear friend of mine returned from a vacation in the states with a number of goodies for me: maca, cocao, flaxseeds and some Larabars. Larabars are here in Tokyo, but not all flavors. So was delighted to see in my goodie bag an apple pie larabar….what a disappointment. Tasted very similar to the cinnamon roll larabar. My hubby agreed. Anyone else experience this?

Currently in the process of ordering a dehydrator. Something I have steered away from for two years, but as interest grows in Japan and some raw work is coming my way, I need to be open minded and cater to all. Hubby is delighted that I can experiment with pizza and cookies….although i don’t want either of us to get dependent on such foods, choosing to keep as much of our diet in it’s natural state as possible.

Raw Munchings

Two large glasses of watermelon juice.

half an apple pie larabar

Will have banana, ice and spirulina later.

I have to up my greens. Following my recent hospital visits I was found to be very low in iron and Vit B12. My own fault – I don’t each much, and I have come to realize that I simply can not be 100% fruitarian. I need more substance. So am on iron tablets for a couple of month and B12 tabs – not happy about this, but am wanting to increase my levels and bring balance to my diet naturally.

I’ve also started adding MsM to my diet – adding some to a morning glass of water. Helps with the yoga and them ole’ joints.

My practice

Still with my ashtanga, but play with vinyasa. Have been teaching a lovely flow this week of varying levels, but incorporating handstands. It’s summer, time to play. The look of joy when someone goes upside down – a position most haven’t been in since a youngster. The joy of yoga is reconnecting with your youth.

Have a wonderful day



2 Responses to "Tis the season….."

hi em. i’ve noticed from your posts you don’t eat much. when i eat raw i need to eat volume. mmm can’t wait to chow on some japanese watermelon, it’s a watermelon heaven isn’t it? just wondering, i’m thinking of starting yoga in australia, any advice? i do yoga myself from books but i think maybe it’d be better to get some instruction so i do it properly. definitely gonna go to sun and moon when i move to tokyo for sure.

Hi Travis – Thanks for your mail.
You are right I don’t eat much – hence why my iron and B12 levels were extremely – living ad learning. See new post for update on this.

Where do you live in Australia?
You really should find a teacher. But be careful – there can some dodgy ones out there- minimal training – tend to think it’s a glamorous job, all ego. Find one that ‘talks’ to you.
Try several classes, I note how you feel after each one. One much to teacher spoke. How many hand on adjustments.
Keep me posted.
Check out http://www.yogafinder.com to find classes in your area.

When are you moving here?
Have fun and keep smiling.

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