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Greening it up…

Posted on: July 12, 2008

So, following on from my last entry, me mentioning my recent visits to the hospital and the findings I have decided on how I am going to deal with this.

Initially I was going to embark on a 30 day green juice feast. I was excited about this and read articles on the internet along with reading various blogs discussing the juice feast. Great website, lots of interesting, cool info. Then I got to thinking. I’m up at 4am most mornings, I do my pranayama and then my ashtanga practice. I can’t get up at 3am and prepare juice. I usually get home at 8.30pm – I don’t want to be preparing juices then. Sometimes I’m home during the day for an hour or two – but the juice thing just seemed too much at this present time. So I have decided to embark on green smoothies- a lot easier. My plan is drink drink about two quarts a day, plus a fruit smoothie. I’ll be doing this for one month – see how I get on, I may take it longer as it’s summer and seems the perfect time to venture on this green path.

So tomorrow will be the first day.

Looking forward to it. Will try and blog all daily and let you know how it is all going.

My Practice

Went and attended two workshops with the wonderful Tias Little . The first three hours was spent on standing poses – engaging heal, inner knee, outer knee, outer thigh. Tough going, but this guy makes it all very light-hearted. The second three hours (yes six hours today) – focussed on the lotus pose and opening the hips. Lotus does not come easy to me. Now this is another reason why I want to change my diet for a while and see if it makes a difference to my hips and pelvis. Anyway, back to the workshops – don’t think I’ll be able to work tomorrow.!!

Check back tomorrow with Green Day 1




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