Raw Girl in Japan

It didn’t quite start

Posted on: July 29, 2008

What with all the peaches, melons, kiwis in season at the moment I had difficulty getting on this smoothie/juice path.

Another thing, I felt I didn’t have enough ideas, creativity (I’m a dancer/choreographer/yoga teacher??) – something wasn’t fitting. I needed to do more reading and I had to figure out how I was going to work round it all with my August schedule. I think I may have it sorted. FINALLY! So I intend to start tomorrow.

My dear friend is currently in the air on her way to California. She is off to a farmers market later this week. Will be stopping by Cafe Gratitude. She was talking about all the fabulous organic produce and wanted to know what she could bring back for me. As most of you know I try and remain positive about living raw here in Japan. It can be done – but I wish it were easier, or maybe not easier just more FUN. I dream of huge farmers markets. I remember watching Gordon Ramsey, and him visiting farmers markets in France and in the Uk- the ones here just aren’t  like the ones back home. There isn’t the sparkle, the interest the passion for fresh, healthy organic food. I question myself at times, or more I question moving elsewhere. Then I think the raw movement needs a push here and I need to stay here to aid that push. I dream one day i can walk in to a regular cafe and order a juice – one made in front of me. Maybe it will be MY raw food and juice bar.

My Munchings


  • Watermelon juice
  • Sugar lettuce, parsley, spirulina and banana smoothie
  • banana
  • peach

The heat is great for a natural cleanse during yoga.


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