Raw Girl in Japan

Day 7 – Loving Life

Posted on: August 5, 2008

Is impossible for me to blog at daily. There is so much going on, so much to write but my schedule really doesn’t allow the time. Maybe I should just blog what I have consumed on a daily basis and write more when I can? Maybe that is what I will do.

So, yes day 7. Body brushing. Cold(ish) showers. Daily salt water purging. MSM taken every morning. Arm healed, so back on the mat. Lots of greens, Vita-mix and juicer always on the go. Tomorrow is my water cleanse again.

Any detox symptoms? A few headaches, but I’m not sure if this is due to the cleanse or because of the humidity and the fabulous storms we have been having here. I have natural tiger balm, so I use that when I feel a headache coming on. I’m tired, more so then usual – but again it is HOT and I’m teaching nearly double the amount of classes. Urine is clear. My period lasted just three days (usually four).

Of late there have been a couple of people in my life making me unhappy. making me doubt myself. Not saying it is bad to question yourself from time to time – where you are going, your actions – but these people were just full of negativity. I found it draining. I would let these people get to me. Then all of of a sudden something happened. The one person, sent me an email last week- rather rude, no not rather – VERY RUDE. So, I thought no more, this is too tiring, I don’t need this and all of a sudden I had dettached myself from negativity that pours from this person. I just let it go. The second person, well lets just say they made a decision to step away and leave my hubby and I to live our lives the way we wish (after years of criticism). I feel amazing, fabulous. So appropriate that this all happened while I am cleansing too…..

I started to read David Wolfe’s The Sunfood Diet Success System (again – how times is that now?) and appreciated the first three lessons of the books so much more. That tends to happen anyway when you re-read something, something shifts, you find another level.

Hosted my first yoga workshop on Saturday. A huge success – can’t believe how well it went. Have received some lovely feedback and there may be a chance for me to present it again.

I am simply shining.

Am on a high.

Raw Munchings

  • water with a spoonful of MSM
  • cucumber and nashi juice (yeah nashi season is nearly here)
  • water melon juice
  • later – spinach, parsley and banana (maybe with spirulina)

Have a great day.




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