Raw Girl in Japan


Posted on: December 21, 2008

Sorry to have neglected you dear blog. I reason is clear and simple. I had too many ideas, too many things I wanted to say and get done and really didn’t know how to get it all down. Now all seems a little clearer. Angels are guiding me. 

I’m back in Thailand at the new Yoga Thailand.   Now on the south side of Koh Samui. Although the surroundings are a little unfamiliar, just being back here I know I am home. And that is why all seems a little clearer. The madness of Tokyo is far away for the next two weeks. 

I’m here deepening my meditation practice. Working on my pranayama and of course there is my physical asana practice to deepen. On top of that is the glorious fruits that surround me.

Daily Munchings

One hour before class I have MSM and water. Following class as shot of wheatgrass and the spirulina and coconut (am in heaven).

A banana

Juice – orange and mint

Mango and banana

And a lot of water. Important to sip and not gulp, despite wanting to keep the body rehydrated. 

Am mindfully eating. Not wanting to waste food and to eat wit happiness and gratitude.

Hubby and I are off for colonics on Friday. Staring the New year nice and cleansed. Will be back here in march for training so will have another one then.

Am also doing a Reiki level 1 training on Sunday and if I get time before I leave (Jan 5th), may try and squeeze in Level 2. When back in March will do the next level.


Have a lot coming up and I feel it will be a magnificent year. 

Check back tomorrow.



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