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Out with the old….

Posted on: December 31, 2008

Another year comes to a close. 

2008 has been a year of ups and downs. As always offering gratitude for both coming my way. Trying not to focus so much on the negatives…why do that to myself? Why do that to the people around me? 

Live and learn – a motto to take with me at all times, even into the New Year.


2008 saw my yoga classes become more popular. My own practice we t to a whole different level and a started to enjoy the poses I had previously disliked. 

I discovered I wanting to give my students more and move away a little from asana practice – the breath is where it all lies.


I taught my first raw food class. I bought a Vitamix and said Sayonara to my old blender. I realized that I can’t be a fruitarian and that if I am living a healthy raw vegan lifestyle – why the need to follow long juice feasts? 


After 48 hours of suffering, I now know I will never eat grapefruit again (I have never felt so ill in my life).


Things I knew, but were reconfirmed…..I am a mango whore. The avocado girl. The sun goddess. The girl who loves life. 


And in 2008 – each day I feel in love with my husband a little bit more each day.


I look forward to 2009. In fact I’m looking forward to waking up in a New Year. I will be asleep at midnight, due to the mysore practice in the morning. 


I don’t set resolutions, easily broken within the first 48 hours. 


Tonight at Yoga Thailand there will be a fire ceremony. On a piece of paper I have written all I am grateful for and what I am happy to let go of for this last year. On a separate piece of paper I have written desires, goals for the coming year. These aren’t things that I expect to change as clocks strike midnight – I need to work towards these and see what how the universe and I align with all. 


The one thing I do PROMISE is regular blog entries with photos. More recipes, thoughts, ideas. I find writing this blog therapeutic and when I receive emails I’m grateful to have connected with someone.


As I sit next to the ocean, on this cloudy day on Koh Samui, looking out at the tide, and being surrounded by beauty – I wish you all a wonderful 2009. Happiness and love now and always.



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happy new year!

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