Raw Girl in Japan


Posted on: February 26, 2009

My Dad had a heart attack. He’s doing okay. At home, resting, getting bored (he loves his job). Been a stressful time. An emotional time. My folks don’t want me to return home as there is nothing I can do. I just wish I could see my papa, and give him a hug – but he says he is fine. We speak daily, he sounds tired. Scares he to think his heart is scarred.

That is why I haven’t written. Just been in my own world. So hard when you live so far from loved ones. I question if I’m being selfish not going home, but Dad said ‘NO’.

Teaching at the studio has helped. I didn’t tell many people, wanted no fuss, no drama – not into drama. Been teaching A LOT of yoga, subbing five extra classes. Have a new private yoga student as well.

Been eating lots of fruit – strawberries are in season here. Wanted to go strawberry picking this year, but no time. Been munching on grapes too. Simple smoothies- OJ, mango and maca. have some portobello mushrooms in the fridge, think I’ll make some mushie raw sandwiches.

Have found a kitchen to present my classes. Currently working on a menu and what I’d like to discuss. Want to do a bit more reading, so fully prepared.

Need to post my photos from my last workshop, will get onto that.

See you later



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All the best to you and your family.


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