Raw Girl in Japan

Back in the land of coconuts…

Posted on: March 14, 2009

Yes, I’m back in Thailand. Here for two weeks on a 100 hour pranayama course.  Part of my teacher training, but mainly for me to deepen my own pranayama practice. Will be a tough couple of weeks, but am most excited.

Was out and about today (course starts Monday), and found my durian supplier. Rather than buying a huge durian I purchased a couple of pieces for 50 baht. Will have those for breakfast and then the rest of tomorrow I’m on a 24 hour coconut fast. Something I just want to do while I’m here.

Also purchased a couple of mangos, dragon fruit and apples. Each day I will also have a juice, but as my breathing deepens I want my food a simple as possible.

Also headed to the Spa Village today and was most upset that they had sold out of their raw lasagne and raw pizza…had to go for the raw pad thai in the end, which was a little disappointing.

Bed calls. Saturday 8.20pm – I know how to rock and roll!!


3 Responses to "Back in the land of coconuts…"

great site. how adventuresome!? check out some of my vegan recipes at http://www.kaelovinlife.wordpress.com. *kae*

Lucky Girl…
Although today in Japan, the sun was shining too!

I am most lucky. I offer thanks every morning during meditation.

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