Raw Girl in Japan

Nearly seven days down the line…

Posted on: March 19, 2009

Been here a week now and you have guessed it, it is as magical as ever.

I’m studying with a wonderful man called Tiwari . Everytime he enters the shala you can sense excitement in the air. He watches us all through our pranayama in the morning and afternoon sessions. Leading us through breathing techniques, and never misses a thing…..

We have daily Mysore as well. It’s hot and sweaty and my muscles feel long.

Raw Girl in Japan while studying in Thailand has been eating lots of goodness.

  • Wheatgrass and coconut and spirulina in the mornings after practice.
  • Variety of juices – cucumber and celery being a firm favorite at present.
  • DURIAN…..yes tis the season to eat durian tra-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la.
  • Gorgeous red apples.
  • MANGOS……

The other night I had to eat some steamed spinach, as I was craving dark greens and spinach was on the menu. Was mixed with coconut oil and nut – and I did enjoy it, but AM NOT GOING BACK TO COOKED FOOD.

Been taking psyillium as well, as I’m a little constipated. Drinking it in hot water.

Had two Thai massages and on Monday my friend and I experienced our first Infra-Red Sauna. Was very HOT. Felt great after, and had the smoothest skin. Said it helps reduce fatty cells. Will report back next week when I’ve had it a couple of more time.

Been doing a lot of thinking while here. Figuring out my direction in Tokyo. Some people have let me down, so am having trust issues at present. Just going to try and make my own way in my fields of interest and knowledge. I have realized that I also need to keep quiet about some of my ideas, as I have discovered some people taking them….Just wish there was more support.

Just allowing the universe guide me. The way it should be.

4 Responses to "Nearly seven days down the line…"

The menu sounds like Paradise.
All good vibes to you for your ventures in Tokyo.

I get so excited about new projects that I tend to blab a lot before they have reached full maturity, this usually leads to a no starter or a disappointment!!!!

Keeping quiet has proven to me, although so difficult, to be well worth it!

My new words to live by: Talk less, act more! ….

Hey there.

I’ve just come across your blog while searching for information on raw food in Japan. I’ve just moved to Tokyo recently and am planning on spending up to a year here. I’ve previously been about 70% raw and am looking at tackling that again, or even potentially trying for a higher percentage of raw.

I’m wondering if you know of any good resources in terms of where to buy reasonably priced fresh produce, or other raw goods? I’m finding the cost of fruit and vegetables a little prohibitive compared to Australia.


wishing you well. sounds heavenly. i like the sound of muscles feeling long. deep thinking where you are is probably nice and clear. good luck. enjoy.

Hi !

I am Thomas. I was looking on the web for trace elements of Living Food in Japan (where I am about to spend 3 months) and I found… you !
I live in Belgium where I teach cooking classes (only a few of which are Living Food classes, but all of wich are dedicated to healthy cooking, at different levels).
While my trip to Japan has a different purpose, I’d like to take advantage of it to write a paper about “Living Raw in Asia”. By reading your blog I found out that you were often travelling to Thailand, which country is – as far as I know – much more compatible with the idea of eating raw. So as you know at least those two countries, I’d like to meet you and ask you a few questions… Would it be okay for you ?
I read about Cafe Alive (formerly Veggie Paradise) on your blog. That would be the first place I’ll go when I arrive in Tokyo. That would also probably be the best place to meet if you agree to do so. Do you go there often ? Is it good ? It looks like this is one of the only raw places in Japan, if not the only one…
Well, I wish you the best ! Take care,


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