Raw Girl in Japan

Has it really been that long?

Posted on: July 31, 2009

End of July and I haven’t blogged in a very long time. The last few weeks have flown by in a haze. I had to go back to the UK – family emergency. It sure does suck living so far away at times. My father was suffering with his heart again. The good news is after more angioplasty, regular exercise and keeping to a healthy diet he is thriving. He’s lost quite a lot of weight, maybe too much, but he feels strong and healthy and returned to work the week after the procedure. 

My 71 year old father continues to be a huge inspiration. 

So, after a few weeks that were rather unsettling you can imagine I didn’t keep to the fruit fast. i simply couldn’t. My body was craving comfort foods in large doses; nuts, nuts and more nuts. Fortunately, raw cashews can be found here in Japan and my hand could constantly be found diving into the the nut bowl every few minutes. I gained some weight. I wasn’t sleeping at all well and also could be found in the line at Starbucks ordering a soy latte and feeling guilty afterwards. 

So there it is. Have been honest. A fell off (just a little) my raw track. Ah well!!

So when I got back to Japan, I needed something to ground me. I was still exhausted with recent events and my mind wasn’t  finding a place of calm through meditation. I realized I needed to fast/cleanse. Clear my body, feel lighter and hopefully find some clarity.

I’m doing something I vowed never to do. THE MASTER CLEANSE . In celebrityville it may be known as the Beyonce Diet. Am on Day 3…..yes, Day 3. I started with nerves and now I’m loving it.

So let me back track and fill you in shall I. I warn you some of the details may a bit yukky. So maybe you don’t wish to read any further. If you do breathe deep and try and feel the joy that I feel.

Night before (Tuesday) – I ate light. I decided to not use the tea opting for psyllium instead. Yes, always one to go against the rules. 

Day 1 (Wednesday) – Got up bright and early to do the salt water flush. Now I am prepared for downing a load of salt water as I practice one of the yogic kriyas which involves this frequently. The difference is I usually purge, but for this I have to allow my water to work through the colon and work it’s wonders….You know what I am talking about!

From reading all documented on this cleanse, I should racing to and from the toilet within 15-20 minutes. Not me, no. My belly quite happily held the water in as I waddled around with a huge Buddha belly. Two hours after downing the water I was off to work, just hoping that a nappy (diaper) wasn’t required.

I was thinking of raw lasagne and raw pizza. I craved bananas – all this at 9am!

Taught some yoga, drank lots of water and downed the ‘potion’ ( as I like to call it). The potion being lemons, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water. Very easy to make and I made it while stomach was growing to the size of a Japanese watermelon. 

During the afternoon I had a few visits to the toilet, but honestly I was disappointed. I was hoping for several mighty explosions, what I produced I felt was rather pathetic. I leave it at that.

Early evening, I had a headache. Had some more psyllium and was fast asleep by 9.30pm And there I stayed for 14 hours.

Day 2 (Thursday)……yes, 14 hours. After weeks of insomnia I awoke feeling magic. I literally bounced out of bed, rather like Tiger, downed the salt water and waited, fed the cats, and waited, prepared my potion for the day , and waited, vacuumed, and waited. NOTHING. Not even a trickle. I could pee, oh yes, no problem there….but again I was left disappointed. I drank my potion and occasionally nature called. 

Other than that I felt wonderful. Productive day. Clearing (attempting to) out my system and ventured into the front room to gut that out. I bounced to the station early evening to head into town. A few rumbling going on, a bit of action. 

I bed a little later than the previous day and boy did I feel it the next morning.

Day 3 (today/Friday): Little sleep, although I had done a relaxing meditation.  Woke up feeling like I’d been dancing all night, been on the drink and needed sleep. I managed to roll out of bed and make it into the kitchen and make the salt water flush. Now I had been thinking of some yogic techniques I might want to use to help with this flush. The wonderful uddiyana Bandha. For those who aren’t familiar with this, take a look 


Not as painful as it looks, but does require a teacher to fully explain and guide you through it when you first start to practice, so I ask please do not practice this at home. I’ve been doing this a couple of years (mine still looks nothing as magnificent as his). It is to stimulate the colon, it is a kriya. Anyone I gave this a go this morning and it deep help a little.

Spent the day drinking, the potion, drinking water and teaching. Came home to receive a mail from a dear yogi friend who offered more advice which I will follow tomorrow.

Now I feel good. Lots of energy. I do feel lighter and I noticed there is less fogginess around me. It’s clarity I am after and I think I am finding some. 

Hubby is so impressed he is going to start it on Sunday. 

No hunger pangs. No rumbling stomach. No more headaches. This time next week it’ll be my last day. Tomorrow I am going to get back into my yoga practice. I haven’t one much since Wednesday as I wanted my body to adjust and I now feel it has.

Roll on Day 4…..

See you tomorrow.



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