Raw Girl in Japan

Day 4: loving the potion

Posted on: August 1, 2009

Yes, I am loving the lemony potion, but as I write that hubby is eating spinach and tomato next to me and the tomato smells LU-VER-LY. Ah well, this time tomorrow he’ll be cleansing his gut too.

Had a lovely sleep and woke up with lots of energy. I haven’t felt this good in the mornings for a long time. Usually, I’m not wanting to shift from the pit but today the sun was shining, and I was raring to glug down the salt water. I had been advised from my yoga friend to try and drink more salt water than recommended and wait till I felt full. This morning I struggled finishing the regular four cups. After filling my belly I started doing some yogic twists to help shift all through the colon. I did Uddiyana Bandha and massaged by stomach and……..yes there was movement. Several, short, but today I can actually say I actually went to the loo within the hour. Round of applause for me.

Eliminations were watery with brown bits. 

Hubby and I were out for the day – movie theater. The last 45 minutes I was crossing my legs as I was desperately needing to pee. I’d taken my potion out with me and was drinking water. I was eliminating throughout the day. Nothing traumatic. Nothing embarrassing in the public toilets. Phew!!

My legs started to feel a little heavy throughout the day, and now I am ready for bed. Not exhausted, but ready to lie down and await day 5 to dawn. 

love, love


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