Raw Girl in Japan

Day 3/60- Juice Feast.

Posted on: March 13, 2010

At 11.00am today I could still be found in bed. Had a deep sleep (occasionally disturbances from Kitten), but awoke with no headache and feeling really good.

What I did find today was a growling stomach. Continuous growls. I apologize to those who may have heard it far, far away. Hubby wanted to know what was going on in there. I wish I could have explained, as the odd thing was I simply was not hungry. No cravings for anything (bananas, mangoes, salads, smoothies). I simply have not wanted to eat a thing all day. This mat be seen as a good thing, but this is a FEAST and not a FAST.

What is the difference between a juice feast and a juice fast?

A fast lowers your juice consumption, decreasing nutrition and calorie intake. In a feast you are aiming to still consume the nutrition and calories your body requires to function as it should do. Due to this reason, you can stay on a feast longer than you can a fast, while reaping from the cleansing benefits, which I will discuss in later blog entries.

During a fast your metabolism slows down, therefore leading to energy slumps, which I do not want to experience. Maybe I just need to drink the juice regardless of my not wanting any.

Considering little juice inside of me I feel really good.

Today’s menu

  • MSM and water
  • 1 quart kale, apple, carrot and ginger
  • 2 tbsp Coconut oil

Below are some photos of the this evenings juice that really was most yummy.

The ingredients

The Glorious Juice

The Aftermath

So not to waste the pulp we used it as compost for our outdoor plant. No waste in this household!!

Back tomorrow



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