Raw Girl in Japan

About Me

Contemporary dancer and dance teacher
Yoga teacher
Trainee raw lifestyle coach

Can not tolerate cruelty to animals.
My diet is raw all the way.
Am connecting with nature


3 Responses to "About Me"

I just heard about the earthquake on the news. Write us a post so we know you’re OK.

Hi Raw Girl in Japan

I am a raw foodist from Sydney and I just arrived in Tokyo and found your site (My site is http://www.junglejamie.com and a recent article I wrote about raw food is http://www.junglejamie.com/2007/06/raw-pumpkin-pie.html). I would LOVE to meet up if you are interested. I am travelling the world with one bra and writing about the interesting women I come across… and would love to write about you. If you are interested, email me or text me. My details are http://www.junglejamie.com/2004/12/contact_me.html.

Hope to meet you soon.

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