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I promised to write sooner I know – me bad. I really am wanting to write more frequently and I did plan on doing so, but my lovely Mac had a breakdown, so all I had planned to do while in between classes with my wonderful white machine came to a halt. Now I am back. Sadly my old Mac didn’t pull through, his time had come to drift off to mac heaven. I now have a new toy. Again white, with more features. A new relationship born, but the old will never be forgotten. Thanks for the good times old Mac.

Nashi pears are in season. Yummy! Eaten in green smoothies, with mango (I try everything with mango, just to live up to my mango whore reputation) and on their own. They are huge and I often am unable to eat a whole one myself. I cut them up into pieces, nashi soldiers I call them (like when your Mum would cut up toast and call them soldiers -maybe a British thing). I then wrap up the pieces and head out into the day.

Our ever so friendly fruit and veg guy still is selling durian, although we went through a durian drought for three weeks. We went to the store daily only to find an empty spot where the durian usually is. How sad! Imagine the look on my face when I went in last week to find the drought had come to an end. I paid the ¥3000 (cheap), the man smiled and made a comment about me loving durian (as he always does, I don’t mind though as he is my durian supplier), then headed home and waited for it to open. Took two days and now it is ready for breakfast. Had a piece this morning. Wanted more but I had to head on out.

I’m not getting any chance to play in the kitchen. My empty kitchen. I put away the griddle pan, the toaster, the oven – all in the back of a cupboard. Was a waste having them out as they were never used. Just there gathering dust. Felt good to put all away – kind of felt like I was deepening my commitment to the raw diet.

Anyway back to not being able to explore with food. I simply do not have the time. Seems I have adopted a 100% fruitarian diet, which I’m not complaining about – but I feel if I’m wanting to make a career out of raw food and speaking of it’s fantasticness (made up word I know) I need to have more knowledge of what works with what. I’m hoping the New Year break will allow me to do this.

Raw Yogini
This yogini is tired. I have to admit I am. The last few weeks have been amazing and given me plenty of opportunity to deepen my teaching and evolve. Teachers have been on vacation so I have subbed their classes. Then there was the David Swenson 40 hour Ashtanga Teacher Training. Seven days intensive: practicing, learning, adjusting, teaching and snoozing during lunch. Got to day seven and I was ready to get home and collapse on my futon and sleep for 100 years in hope that the dark circles under my eyes would have disappeared by then. Great training, hard work – yes. If any of you are interested in ashtanga then attend one of Mr Swenson’s workshops, retreats, classes. A motivating teacher, highly entertaining with a beautiful practice. He has you begging for more, and I do think at a later date I will attend one of his advanced trainings – but that is a while off yet.

My yoga teacher said to me that once you begin to teach your own practice suffers and as always she was right. Trying to fit in a daily 90 minute practice at present is far from easy. I’m needing to get back to my Mysore practice next week. I need to put time aside for meditation and pranayama. I do manage to do some daily, but my practice isn’t deepening, although I’m doing what my body feels like doing.

This brings me to question needs and wants. I’m trying to recognize my needs and deter from my wants. Is tough in such a society.

For example my new Mac, was a need as I had nothing to do my work on, but a want for purchasing the latest model. Could I have not purchased a cheaper one or even second hand?

I feel I need to deepen my practice, and will play with movement when time allows at home. I study yoga, teach yoga, practice yoga and then have moments when I want to download an episode of Coronation Street (very British), sit back, watch and enjoy. I enjoy my yoga too, even more than watching the comings and goings of the street ‘up North’. Is sitting back a need or a want? It’s 30 minutes of my time that could be spent breathing deeply, meditating, yin yoga-ing.

Am I being too harsh on myself?

Is wanting materialistic items, time wasting? Can needing and wanting overlap? Do we forever confuse the two?

Something to ponder….


I promise to write an update over the next couple of days.Lots to tell.* There is a raw food restaurant here in Tokyo….* Have just completed a 40 hour ashtanga teacher training with the magnificent David Swenson* Am teaching LOTS of yoga and forever learning* Nashi season is here.* Lara bars can be found in Tokyo.* Feeling positive about combining my raw food and yoga here in Japan. Really think it’s going to work. Love to all. Have a fabulous raw weekend.Mxxxxx 

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