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Raw Munchings

Yesterday started with almond banana milk. Then slept and slept and slept. Awoke and filled myself up with mango and dragon fruit, then an hour later had some cashews. I’m naughty with nuts, I can munch on them and never stop. I need to stop doing that, makes me feel gulity somehow. Much prefer having nuts in a liquid form, like almond milk or once in a while making cashew cheese.

Just had an orange and banana smoothie for breakfast. Was nice as my hubby and I are home together this morning, so we did some yoga together then had the smoothies. As I write our empty glasses are infront of me.

Something my husband finds most amusing about me is the dregs I leave in all drinks, water, juices, smoothies. I can never finish a glass of anything, I always leave a little. Water he is most shocked, often asking ‘What’s wrong with the water dregs’ and I answer ‘They are dregs, that’s what’. Kinda similar to when I used to eat bread (when did I last do that???) and I wouldn’t eat the crust – would eat round it. Strange!

Raw Yogini
I’m teaching two yoga classes tonight, so went through the advanced class I had planned with hubby this morning. Worked on arm strengthening and handstands. Love handstands, takes me back to being a kid (like reading Harry Potter). So, we did the practice, tough going I have to say. My hubby created several pools of sweat on the mat and I had to cut the practice short and lead us into savasana. May have to tone it down a bit for class tonight.

Have to say though, with the heat and humidity a vigorous vinyasa class does aid a natural purification. Feels good. I’m not one for this so called hot yoga where the room is filled with a blast of unnatural heat, but when you sweat in the natural heat it’s so much more organic.

Raw ramblings
I have another assignment for my Yoga Thailand TTC. I have to write about a Sivananda, Ashtanga and Iyengar class I attend. Ashtanga is no problem. Sivananda I will go to today at 12.30pm, Iyengar, really do not know when i will get to a class.

I’ll have a few hours to kill before I have to get back to the studio and teach, so I may head to the pool and plan my weekend classes. Yes, there are pools hidden away in the great Metropolis, you just need to search for them or know someone who is a ‘pool queen’. I know a pool queen!

That’s all for today.
Have fun


I actually started this blog last night, but was having difficulty downloading photos, and it’s a blog that must have photos. You’ll read why in a minute.

Yesterday one of our durians opened…oh the joy! oh the rapture!! So, we ecstatically ate it on our balcony. Honestly, we was the BEST DURIAN EVER. Very creamy it just melted in our mouths. Was gutted when we finished, but low and behold the second one opened today so that was devoured after our evening Thai massage – such a tough life here. Offered some durian to those on the retreat, received mixed reviews!!

Anyway, here’s a couple of photos of me in my durian bliss.



Today we headed back to the market to get two more. Also came back with 2 more dragonfruits and 3 mangos and a new toy, which i will take photos of tomorrow to show you.

Have been craving natural oils as I have been eating just fruit. Avocados are out of season, but the wonderful staff here managed to find some for me. Unfortunately, the beautiful oily pears are a little hard today, but should be fine tomorrow.

What have I been eating?
Glorious fruit and some salad. Actually, I’m finding I’m not that hungry, maybe due to the heat. Am having coconut daily and tonight I tried coconut water with ice which was very delicious.
Was hpoing for some wheatgrass today, but they had sold out.

Sunday and Monday I had a strong practice. Progressing through the Ashtanga primary series. My breath was deep and I felt strong in my core. But, today (which is a Moon Day and usually a rest day) my practice was deflated. My muscles ached, emotions were high. maybe the moon maybe due to lack of natural oils.

Tomorrow is another day!

The last couple of nights I have also had difficulty sleeping, tossing and turning. Yet, when I do nod off here and there I have the most wild dreams. I really should start writing them down as soon as I wake up. None of them are bad, scary or upsetting but wierd.

Sunday I had an Ayurveda consultation as I was interested what would come up about the raw thing. Was also an educational consultation for the ayurveda practitioner as I was the first raw vegan she had ever worked with. This morning I was handed a 20 page document explaining my doshas and what workd for me and what doesn’t. I need to go through it several times to take it all in and then I’ll share all with you.

All is good here. Am very happy and relaxed. Love spending time with my man.

I’m lucky.

As I write this there are two, yes TWO durians sitting on my balcony. We went on another fruit run this afternoon and came across a fruit and veg market and found many wonderous delights. Of course mangos, rambutans, jackfruits, papayas. The list goes on. Unfortunately, my digital battery ran out, but I did take pics on my big funky camera for when I set up my website.

Back to the durians. Again cheap, can you guess how much. Bet you can’t – 120 baht for the two!!!! That’s like 4 dollars, 2 pounds and 440 yen. I pay 3000yen for one in Japan.

Another reason to move here.

My Food Today
papaya, banana and pineapple chunks
Orange juice


Salad;tommies, cucumber, lettuce and carrots
Dragonfruit or Pitaya

There are three types of dragonfruit.
*Pink skin, white flesh
*Pink skin, pink flesh
*Yellow skin, white flesh.

As you can see from the pics below, mine was the first type.
It is high in vitamins and fibre, and apparently helps fight colon cancer and diabetes. It helps aid digestion and if consumed frequently helps asthma.

To be honest, they don’t have much of a taste -mildly sweet. I think it would go nicely with mango.
Even if you don’t like it, it sure is pretty to look at.

Had a bad headache this morning, lack of sleep, so no yoga today.

After a swim, I put on my sneakers and went for my first jog since getting here. Ran for about 15 minutes on the beach. Running on sand is far from ideal, so I took a gentle pace.

Just don’t ask what I was listening to on my iPod!!

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