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Need I say any more. A day of heaven. 

Bought mangosteen and mangoes today.

All inspired.


Longer post to come tonight when I get home from teaching. 

Have been hiding, I know. Huge changes. Decisions made. Feeling good. Summer round the corner. As we transition into the next season, thought I would challenge my diet a little and go 100% fruitarian. Will try for the next 30 days, if the mood takes me then I will continue into July. 

Fruit bowl is overflowing. Durian by window – waiting it to to open. Love the smell as it wafts through the apartment. And a fellow raw girl in Tokyo has guided me to a thai coconut seller in the center of town.

Need to get back to the studio. 



Been here a week now and you have guessed it, it is as magical as ever.

I’m studying with a wonderful man called Tiwari . Everytime he enters the shala you can sense excitement in the air. He watches us all through our pranayama in the morning and afternoon sessions. Leading us through breathing techniques, and never misses a thing…..

We have daily Mysore as well. It’s hot and sweaty and my muscles feel long.

Raw Girl in Japan while studying in Thailand has been eating lots of goodness.

  • Wheatgrass and coconut and spirulina in the mornings after practice.
  • Variety of juices – cucumber and celery being a firm favorite at present.
  • DURIAN…..yes tis the season to eat durian tra-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la.
  • Gorgeous red apples.
  • MANGOS……

The other night I had to eat some steamed spinach, as I was craving dark greens and spinach was on the menu. Was mixed with coconut oil and nut – and I did enjoy it, but AM NOT GOING BACK TO COOKED FOOD.

Been taking psyillium as well, as I’m a little constipated. Drinking it in hot water.

Had two Thai massages and on Monday my friend and I experienced our first Infra-Red Sauna. Was very HOT. Felt great after, and had the smoothest skin. Said it helps reduce fatty cells. Will report back next week when I’ve had it a couple of more time.

Been doing a lot of thinking while here. Figuring out my direction in Tokyo. Some people have let me down, so am having trust issues at present. Just going to try and make my own way in my fields of interest and knowledge. I have realized that I also need to keep quiet about some of my ideas, as I have discovered some people taking them….Just wish there was more support.

Just allowing the universe guide me. The way it should be.

My Dad had a heart attack. He’s doing okay. At home, resting, getting bored (he loves his job). Been a stressful time. An emotional time. My folks don’t want me to return home as there is nothing I can do. I just wish I could see my papa, and give him a hug – but he says he is fine. We speak daily, he sounds tired. Scares he to think his heart is scarred.

That is why I haven’t written. Just been in my own world. So hard when you live so far from loved ones. I question if I’m being selfish not going home, but Dad said ‘NO’.

Teaching at the studio has helped. I didn’t tell many people, wanted no fuss, no drama – not into drama. Been teaching A LOT of yoga, subbing five extra classes. Have a new private yoga student as well.

Been eating lots of fruit – strawberries are in season here. Wanted to go strawberry picking this year, but no time. Been munching on grapes too. Simple smoothies- OJ, mango and maca. have some portobello mushrooms in the fridge, think I’ll make some mushie raw sandwiches.

Have found a kitchen to present my classes. Currently working on a menu and what I’d like to discuss. Want to do a bit more reading, so fully prepared.

Need to post my photos from my last workshop, will get onto that.

See you later





More yoga work.

Nutrition consultations.

Yoga and food workshops.

Am abundant in health, happiness and love – am just incredibly lucky.

Wanted to share some pictures.

Breakfast at Yoga Thailand

Coconut and Rambatans




A plate full of delights


Feels strange. Doesn’t really feel like Christmas, which is kind of nice. If we were in Japan, hubby and I would be working. Yet, there is a little sadness that I’m not with family in the UK. 

We headed out to the mountains to see some waterfalls. There were elephants treks there. Obviously, we didn’t take one as it is cruel. I did see one of the handlers hit one of the elephants with a stick for wandering off track slightly and I nearly burst into tears. The elephants look very sad. I hoped my face spoke to them as they sauntered passed me. I just wanted to set them free amongst the trees. 

Animals are not here for our entertainment. 

Animals are not here to be eaten.

Daily Munchings

The usual – spiralina and coconut, banana

After our climb to the waterfall, we happily drank coconut water and then munched on the meat

Green salad for dinner.

Really not that hungry today. 

My Practice

Was raining this morning, so the heat was different in the shala. More humid and my practice was great. Absolutely loved being on the mat. The pranayama session, just before the asana practice felt more connected. My breath was reaching places it didn’t normally reach. My concentration was deeper -and it continued right into the asana flow. 

Always reaching a new level in a pose, and enjoying the opening of the body. How slow can I take the breath? How far can the body open? How much can I lift my heart?

Learning as always.

Am lucky to have such great teachers.


Will download photos tomorrow. Share some of the magic I am surrounded by.

Am reading The Secret – perfect way to lead into 2009.

Colonic tomorrow.

Enjoy your Christmas everyone.

Hugs to Suvine (you sexy raw girl).


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